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The Planning Department is focused on transforming our suburbs from sprawling, car-centric places to compact communities supportive of walking, bike and taking transit. To reach this goal, our recent efforts include creating mixed-use, infill development and green spaces and establishing separated bicycle lanes from vehicular traffic.

Land Use and Zoning

The Planning Department oversees the County’s zoning ordinance. Comprehensively updated in 2014, the new zoning code modernized the antiquated, redundant zoning regulations, and created new tools to help achieve goals in community plans. Learn more about the Zoning Ordinance.

Master Planning

The Planning Department creates great communities by developing master plans, reviewing applications for development and analyzing various types of information to help public officials plan for Montgomery County’s future. Each community within Montgomery County has a master plan that creates a comprehensive view of land use trends and future development. Plans recommend land uses, zoning, transportation, schools, parks, libraries, and fire and police stations as well as address housing, historic preservation, pedestrian and trail systems and environmental issues. View the map of the master planning areas in the County.

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Master Plans in Progress:

Development Projects

One of the most important ways the Montgomery County Planning Board implements the vision of the County’s General Plan and master plans is by reviewing proposed development and deciding on subdivision requests. The Development Applications and Regulatory Coordination (DAIC) Division coordinates the timely review of proposed development projects. Planners review development applications for consistency with the adopted master plan as well as impact on the environment, quality of design, compatibility with neighboring uses and the availability of public facilities (water and sewer, transportation, schools). The Department may recommend that proposed projects dedicate land for roads, schools, parks, or recreation facilities. Department staff work with developers and neighbors and relevant state and county agencies to address issues of concern before sending applications to the Planning Board.

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Giving Feedback

We want to hear from you! The Planning Department is broadening public participation in our plans and projects through new digital tools, social media and engaging community workshops. Find out how you can give your thoughts on the latest planning projects.

Last Updated: August 6, 2020