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The Planning Department is updating practices and regulations to help attract new residents and businesses to Montgomery County. Efforts to strengthen our competitiveness in the region include updating the Subdivision Staging Policy and researching employment, retail and housing trends to inform plans and programs.

View information on the update to Subdivision Staging Policy.

View our latest studies:

Employment: In-depth assessment of tools and strategies to increase the County’s ability to compete for enterprises, jobs and revenues in key sectors of the region’s economy.

Rental Housing: A study by Montgomery Planning and County Department of Housing and Community Affairs to determine factors contributing to increasing housing costs and identify bes practices for preserving the existing affordable rental housing stock. View more.

Evolving Retail Trends: Study that will address market forces, changing store locations and designs in response to the ecommerce explosion and other influences as well as the current state of retail conditions in Montgomery County.

Last Updated: October 11, 2018