Tree Canopy Explorer

Calculate the tree canopy for your community or custom-drawn area:

  • Identify your area using the Address or Place box. Type street address only.
  • Zoom to location using slider tool on left.
  • Calculate tree cover for a custom drawn area with the Query tool. Press start, follow instructions.
  • View tree canopy cover by turning on canopy layer with the Overlay box

Click here to maximize the Tree Canopy Explorer in your browser

Getting started

Map: Zoom in and out with the zoom slider or mouse wheel, or double-click on a spot to zoom into that location. shape
Address or Place: Enter an address, subdivision name,or school name in the search box in top right corner to zoom to that spot. When searching for a specific address, you do not need the town or zipcode. For best results, use street type abbreviations (st, ave, la, cir etc.) zoom
Overlay: Turn on the canopy analysis layer by clicking on the check box in the Overlay window. table
Query Tree Canopy: Click the start button in the Query Tree Canopy box. Click the corners of an area and finish drawing the area with a double click. Wait for the tool to calculate the results (larger areas may take longer to calculate). Mouse over the chart for details. table

You can also try out our 2014 Tree Canopy Explorer (beta).

Last Updated: November 10, 2016