Buying from a Forest Bank

Forest BankContact the bank owner’s representative shown on the list of available banks provided below. Discuss the acreage you need. Keep in mind that you will need double the acreage if you are buying from a Bank that protects an already established forest, rather than a newly planted forest.

Click here for the list of available forest banks.

The bank owner will provide you with a Certificate of Compliance Agreement that documents the sale and proves that forest mitigation for your project has taken place. This certificate is recorded in the Land Records of forest bank. A copy of the certificate is given to the Forest Conservation Inspector at the pre-construction meeting.

Click here to see a blank Certificate of Compliance Agreement

Below there is an executed Certificate of Compliance example that has been recorded in the Maryland Land Records of the Bank property. The certificate has been signed by the bank owner and the planning department legal staff. The stamp at top of the document proves that it has been recorded in the land records.

Certificate of Compliance example

Last Updated: September 6, 2017