Silver Spring Streetscape Standards Update


The Silver Spring Streetscape Plan Technical Manual is being updated to provide guidelines for private and public development within the downtown business district. Since that plan was completed in 1992, Silver Spring has become a major urban center with a lively mix of shops, restaurants, offices, residential and civic uses. These components need to be connected into an attractive, cohesive and safe environment with updated sidewalks, street trees, paving and planting details that reflect best practices.

The new streetscape standards will consider design departures from the 1992 Silver Spring Streetscape Plan that have been approved and installed at various sites in the Silver Spring central business district. They are being created for developers and public agencies such as the Montgomery County Department of Transportation and Maryland State Highway Administration. Public feedback and testimony about the standards will contribute to the final guidelines.

The new streetscape standards will involve a landscape and an urban design consultant, Rhodeside and Harwell, Inc. of Alexandria, VA. This firm will initiate the project with a survey of current conditions, help establish an advisory committee to provide ideas and develop the final document. The Planning Department will supervise and coordinate this work, determining outcomes at various milestones that will be publicized and communicated to the public, business community and media.

General Schedule

  • Stakeholders Meeting: September 18, 2017. The team will meet with representatives from the business and development community, public agencies and homeowners to present the existing conditions and preliminary analysis (download presentation). Team will solicit feedback from the stakeholders to help guide and inform the development of draft standards.
  • Public Kickoff Meeting at Planning Board (tentative Nov. 2): Introduce existing conditions and initial design concepts to the Board and to the public.
    • Staff will receive guidance from the Planning Board
    • Testimony will be taken from the public that will guide the development of the first draft of updated Silver Spring Streetscape Standards.
  • Workshop #1 (January 2018): Advisory Working Group will meet on January 22 to review and provide feedback to initial updated streetscape concepts
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  • Workshop #2 (February 2018): Working Group will review draft standards and make comments.
  • Planning Board Hearing (May 2018): Present Draft Streetscape Standards
    • Staff will receive guidance from the Planning Board
    • Testimony will be taken from the public that will guide the development of the final, updated standards
  • Planning Board Hearing (June/July 2018): Present Draft for Planning Board Approval and Transmittal


Last Updated: January 12, 2018