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Montgomery County Master Plan Staging

Get staging requirements and capacity for selected Master Plans

Staging Legend


This web application displays all development plans submitted after the White Flint Sector Plan adoption (April 21, 2010). Those plans are listed under the “Sketch/Preliminary/Site Plans” tab in the table located under the interactive map. Click the plans located in the table and the map will zoom to that project’s location.

The summary charts for residential dwelling units and non-residential square feet (located to the right of the map) display the staging capacity limits of Phase 1, 2 and 3 of the sector plan (displayed as horizontal lines above the bars). Only allocated Staging Allocation Requests (SAR) can draw down staging capacity. The amount of capacity available for residential dwelling units and non-residential square feet appears under the summary charts. Capacity is subtracted when an SAR is allocated by the Board. Capacity is added when a new phase is opened or an allocation becomes void.

The Review Process

The standard review process in White Flint begins with a Sketch Plan, proceeds to a Preliminary Plan, if applicable, and finally to Site Plan.Some large properties will have several Site Plans.All plans can be amended. After the Board approves a Site Plan, the applicant must submit an SAR. Only after an SAR is allocated through Board approval can an applicant pursue a building permit with the Department of Permitting Services.

Sketch Plans are approved with residential square feet and non-residential square feet while Preliminary Plans and Site Plans prescribe the number of residential dwelling units.Staging Capacity is only allocated in residential dwelling units and non-residential square feet and the summary charts indicate the total amount proposed and approved.

For a full description of staging in White Flint Sector Plan, see pages 67-71 of the approved and adopted plan.

Last Updated: July 1, 2022