Montgomery County Cemetery Inventory

The Montgomery County Planning Department is in the process of completing a major update to the Montgomery County Cemetery Inventory as a result of new county ordinances passed in October 2017. This update has been led by an exhaustive effort by Montgomery Preservation, Inc. under a grant from Heritage Montgomery. The original 2006 Cemetery Inventory Project was a multi-year effort by Peerless Rockville, Historic Takoma, and the Coalition to Protect Maryland Burial Sites to identify and document the county’s numerous burial grounds. The Inventory update has refined some of the locations shown in the original Inventory, and added many new locations not included previously. Once completed, the new revised Inventory will be made available to the public. The purpose of the original project and the update is to create a baseline of information so that decision-making is informed, actions can be taken and policies developed – all with the goal of protecting the county’s historic cemeteries for future generations.

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Last Updated: November 7, 2019