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Montgomery County Burial Sites Inventory Map

The Burial Site Inventory is the list of Burial Sites officially adopted by the Planning Board pursuant to Section 33A-17 of the Montgomery County Code (Planning Procedures). The inventory consists of a GIS data layer, and associated documentation, and is maintained by Historic Preservation staff.

All of the points in the current Burial Sites Inventory are intended to represent our best understanding of the approximate center of cemeteries and burial sites currently listed in our inventory. They are not intended in any way to convey the boundaries of those sites; there may be instances in the current inventory where a cemetery may extend across lot lines.

The confidence and precision of burial sites in the inventory varies. Some sites are well documented, or clearly visible on the surface today, and their location was confirmed through field observation. Other burial grounds are known through oral or archival history sources, but the burials have been removed, or the exact location is unknown. Sites in the inventory are divided into two broad categories:

  • Known sites confirmed in the field or through historical research
  • Approximate Sites, exact location and condition unknown

Staff may redact some locational data consistent with the provisions of Montgomery County Code 18-31 if there is reason to believe the site is at risk for damage from vandalism. Locations considered sensitive or at risk will be represented by the boundaries of the lot within which it is located, but the location within the lot will not be displayed publicly.

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