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African American Historic Sites

Linden Black Sox team photo
Talbot Avenue Bridge
Two images: Students at entrance of Lincoln High School and an exterior shot of the Lincoln High School building
Linden School exterior
Mount Zion Methodist Episcopal Church exterior

About the Project

African American history is central to the story of Montgomery County from its origins to the present day. Historic sites around the county reflect this long history and memorialize the people, places, and cultural institutions central to the growth of Montgomery County’s African American communities.

In 2021, Historic Preservation staff updated our existing African American historic sites story map (described further below) to reflect new sites and ongoing research into early African American community institutions.

View the story map to explore park sites, trails, museums, and historic places that reflect the county’s rich African American heritage.


Our online map of African American historic sites and places was first launched in 2016 at the request of former Councilmembers Cherri Branson and George Leventhal. This tool encourages our community to learn about the county’s African American history in an accessible and interesting way. View the 2016 story map.

After the map was introduced, a committee was formed at the request of Councilmember Tom Hucker to create historical markers commemorating significant historic African American sites and places in Montgomery County. The Committee worked to expand the list of African American historic sites that could receive markers to include communities, cemeteries, churches, schools, and sites associated with notable individuals and historic events.

Goals of the Project

The Historic Preservation Office is committed to an honest and equitable representation of the county’s history and historic places, in keeping with our Equity Agenda for Planning. This includes an emphasis on understanding and documenting historic places important to African American communities.

This effort seeks to:

  • Broaden awareness of African American heritage sites and encourage dialogue with our communities.
  • Tell the stories of the lost African American communities of Montgomery County and educate residents and newcomers to the area about this history.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to create a thoughtful, artistic and accurate series of historical markers to commemorate and memorialize African American communities and resources in Montgomery County.

Other Resources

Learn more about Montgomery County’s African American historic sites in the African American Heritage brochure produced by Heritage Montgomery and the Historically Black Communities of Sandy Spring project created by the Sandy Spring Museum.

Staff Contact

Rebeccah Ballo
Historic Preservation Office Supervisor