African American Historic Sites


At the request of former Councilmembers Cherri Branson and George Leventhal, an online map of historically designated African American historic sites and places was launched in 2016 to honor black history in Montgomery County. This tool is meant to encourage our community to learn about the county’s African American history in an accessible, easy and interesting way. View the 2016 online storymap.

Since the map was introduced, a committee was formed at the request of Councilmember Tom Hucker to create historical markers commemorating significant historic African American sites and places in Montgomery County.

The first phase of the project involves the creation and installation of five signs with text and images. The intent of this signage project is to create a historic marker tour for the community to raise awareness of significant sites and commemorate the history of African American communities and resources in Montgomery County.

The African American Historic Sites Committee comprises the following members:

Tina Clarke, Chair
Charlotte Coffield
Warren Fleming
Anita Neal Powell
Patricia Tyson

Goals of the project:

  • Collaborate with the designated committee of community members and Councilmember Tom Hucker to create a thoughtful, artistic and accurate series of historical marker signs to commemorate and memorialize African American communities and resources in Montgomery County.
  • Broaden awareness of African American heritage sites and encourage dialogue with our communities.
  • Tell the stories of the lost African American communities of Montgomery County and educate residents and newcomers to the area about this history.
  • Serve as an element of advocacy related to funding of future commemorative projects.
Last Updated: April 7, 2019