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Sustainability Initiatives

Healthy and Sustainable Communities

People walking.The Planning Department and the county Department of Environmental Protection developed a policy framework of goals, actions, and indicators that measure our progress toward healthy and sustainable communities. The project helps policymakers and residents judge how their policies, programs, and actions contribute to environmental goals and guide future environmental and energy plans. View the Healthy and Sustainable Communities report.

Agency Sustainability Practice

The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission has adopted a Sustainability Practice to guide agency actions in the area of sustainability, including:

  • Green building management strategies which meet nationally accepted sustainability certifications for energy conservation and use of renewable resources;
  • Procurement of goods and services aimed at high efficiency products and other sustainable practices;
  • Implementation of green development strategies in community planning, landscape design and other site planning;
  • Elements aimed to foster ongoing awareness among our employees and patrons on sustainability objectives and programs; and
  • Updated County and State sustainability mandates.
Last Updated: July 13, 2022