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Parks Reforestation and Tree Planting Projects

  • forested area

Since 2008, the Montgomery County Parks and Planning Departments have collaborated to reforest over 60 acres of parkland to improve water quality and habitat. Learn more about Reforest Montgomery’s public reforestation projects.

Forest conservation staff prioritize reforestation projects by watershed based on tree canopy loss, stream water quality, and the location of developments contributing to the Forest Conservation Fund.

The reforestation projects accomplished through Reforest Montgomery are only a portion of the tree planting and reforestation efforts carried out by Montgomery Parks. View a full inventory of the trees planted by Montgomery Parks.

Volunteer groups are always needed to help maintain young forests. Visit Montgomery Parks’ Volunteer page to explore opportunities.

Up to 50 large trees are also transplanted from Pope Farm to parkland each year through the Reforest Montgomery program. Each tree, planted by truck spade, ranges from 4 to 7 inches in trunk diameter. Play the video below to see one of these large trees planted at Nolte Park in Silver Spring, or click through the slideshow to see trees planted across the county.

  • young tree with green leaves
    A healthy Eastern redbud planted in the early spring fills in understory canopy by a walking path in Martin Luther King Jr. Recreational Park. Its characteristic heart-shaped leaves and seed pods are visible here, seven months after planting.
  • young tree with green leaves
    A red oak planted in Martin Luther King Jr. Recreational Park will grow tall to close the canopy over a well-loved picnic area.
  • Young tree with autumn red leaves
    A large 4 inch caliper white oak slowly loses its leaves during its first winter after being planted at Nolte Local Park.
  • young tree with green leaves
    In the spring of 2021, a willow oak tree was strategically planted by truck spade at the edge of the Nolte Local Park playground to provide shade for families enjoying the swings and nearby playing field.
  • young tree with autumn red leaves
    This shingle oak is one of over a dozen trees planted to extend the forest edge in Norwood Local Park.
  • young tree with green leaves
    This dogwood will offer shade and beautiful spring flowers for those who frequent the playground at Wheaton Forest Local Park.
  • young tree with green leaves
    A London planetree was placed near the tennis courts of Wheaton Forest Local Park so it can grow to provide shade, rain cover, and cooler air for those using the courts.
  • young tree with green leaves
    This white oak, one of nine trees planted in a grove at the edge of the soccer field at Wheaton Forest Local Park, experienced some minor dieback from the Brood X cicadas, but is expected to make a full recovery during the following spring growing season.
  • young trees with green leaves
    This set of trees, including the American sycamore in front, was part of a larger one-acre planting effort at White Flint Neighborhood Park.
Last Updated: September 28, 2022