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2023 Design Excellence Award Entry Form

Submission deadline: Thursday, July 17, 2023.

    Please select all that apply. There is no additional entry fee for submittal for more than one award.
  • Project Information

  • Month and Year
  • Contact Information

  • Project Team Information

    Names and contact information for team members and consultants
  • NameEmailPhone 
    Maximum of 6 Team Members
  • Key Project Facts

  • Key facts about the project, such as: What is the project program? Size of site, number of units, square footages of uses, etc. Is it a private or public development? What level of environmental sustainability is incorporated into the development and how? 500 words maximum.
  • Attachments

  • Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 64 MB.
    500 words maximum
    Please use descriptive information including supporting graphics, to assist the jury in quickly developing a strong understanding of both the general characteristics of the project and how it demonstrates design excellence, ingenuity and livability.
    Describe the design program, its purpose, goals, scale and details, such as context relationships and key site features. How does this design support good walkable urbanism and improve the public realm and greater community.
    Describe the site’s physical, social, and ecological setting and this project’s response to it.
    Describe how the project was initiated and how the key design concepts respond to the challenges posed by the design program and context.
    Point to ways in which design choices will improve the quality of life for people in the project and in the surrounding neighborhood.

    Explain how the project provides:
    • A more social, walkable, and healthier place because of design decisions.
    • Economic, social and/or environmental sustainability through design, construction, and connections to the public realm.
    • Provide details or lessons learned or expertise gained over the course of this project that will help this project serve as an example for future high-quality development in Montgomery County.
    • Cite innovative ways this project overcomes common barriers to the creation of good urbanism and advances project excellence in areas such as community input, policy, regulations, development process, design and construction.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 64 MB, Max. files: 10.
      Please DO NOT provide any Design Team or Developer member’s names or companies in the Description Text or PDF Images.

      Upload 5 to 10 PDF slides illustrating the following:
      • Neighborhood Context – Provide an Area Site Plan within ¼ mile radius of the project to better explain relationship to the context of streets, public spaces, and adjacent architecture.
      • For Buildings - Typical floor plan(s) including each building level where people enter/exit. Images should help to sell the jury on how your project meets the criteria for the award(s). Show the unique qualities of the architecture or landscape in relation to the public realm. Show unique qualities of the building architectural details.
      • “Tell the story” of your submission through the imagery. Include images, diagrams, plans/sections if helpful.
    • Drop files here or
      Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 64 MB.
        If the submission wins, these images would best represent the project to the general pubic through web presentations, publications and displays.
      Last Updated: May 8, 2023