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Upper Rock Creek

Upper Rock Creek Area Master Plan

Approved and Adopted, April 2004

“Almost one-quarter — more than 4,000 acres — of the Upper Rock Creek watershed is parkland. …A primary goal of this Plan is to protect environmental resources and maintain stream quality by keeping streams, forest and wetlands in a natural state. …Of equal importance is preserving residential character.”

-From the Plan Concept, Upper Rock Creek Area Master Plan (2004), p. 7

View the Upper Rock Creek Area Master Plan (2004) [pdf, 7 MB]

The complete document is represented by the index below:

  • Introduction
    • Planning History
    • The Maryland Planning Act of 1992
    • Population
  • Plan Concept
  • Land Use Plan
    • Open Space Heritage
    • Residential Wedge Areas
    • Neighborhood Centers and Industrial Areas
    • Connecting Communities
    • Residential Wedge Areas
      • Dungan Property
      • Casey Property
      • Freeman Property
      • Hendry and Fraley Properties
      • Woodlawn Property
    • Neighborhood Centers and Industrial Areas
      • Catherine Fraley Property
      • WINX Property
      • Commercial Areas
      • Industrial Areas
      • H&S Leasing Property
  • Housing Plan
    • Background
  • Environmental Resources Plan
    • Introduction
    • Background
    • Forest Resources
      • Wetland Resources
    • Unusual Ecosystems and Rare Plants
    • Water Resources
    • Watersheds and Stream Valleys
      • North Branch Rock Creek
      • Rock Creek Mainstem
    • Sewer Service Policies
    • Community Water Supply Systems and Service Policies
    • Air Quality
    • Noise
  • Transportation Plan
    • Introduction
    • Travel Forecasting
    • Streets and Highways
      • East-West Transportation
    • Roadway Classifications
      • Cherry Valley Drive Extended
      • Muncaster Mill Road/Avery Road Realignment
      • Bowie Mill Road Relocated
      • Redland Road Classification
      • Woodfield Road
    • Bikeways
    • Pedestrian Network
    • Public Transit
    • Travel Demand Management
  • Community Facilities Plan
    • Parks and Trails
      • Recreation Opportunities
      • Park Development
      • Open Space Under the RNC Zone
      • Natural Resource Protection
      • Trail Corridors
      • Trail Related Guidelines for Roadway Projects
      • Trail Related Guidelines For Review of Development Proposals
      • Legacy Open Space
      • Settings for Historic, Archeological and Cultural Features
    • Greenways
    • Schools
    • Libraries
    • Public Safety
  • Implementation Plan
    • Proposed Zoning
      • Proposed Zoning for Residential Wedge Areas
      • Proposed Zoning for Commercial and Industrial Areas
    • Environmental Resource Protection
    • Community Facilities
    • Community Water and Sewer Service
    • Historic Preservation

List of Illustrations
Location Map
Concept: A Community for the Residential Wedge
Preserving Residential Character
Connecting Communities
Proposed Land Use/Zoning Casey and Dungan Properties
Proposed Land Use/Zoning Freeman Property
Proposed Land Use/Zoning Hendry and Fraley Properties
Proposed Land Use/Zoning Woodlawn Property
Proposed Land Use/Zoning Catherine Fraley Property
Proposed Land Use/Zoning WINX Property
Forest Resources
Upper Rock Creek Watershed
Special Protection Area
Upper Rock Creek Watershed Management Categories
Upper Rock Creek North Branch Watershed
Upper Rock Creek Mainstem Watershed
Roadway Designations
Park Development, Existing Schools and Trail Corridors
Existing Zoning
Proposed Zoning
Parkland Recommendation
Proposed Sewer Envelope

List of tables
Street and Highway Classifications
Existing Recreation Facilities at Parks and Schools in Upper Rock Creek
Recommended Zoning for Vacant Residential Properties
Recommended Zoning for Commercial and Industrial Areas
Summary of Additional Parkland Recommendations