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Implementation Advisory Committee

Shady Grove Sector Plan Implementation Advisory Committee

In 2006, the Planning Board established the Shady Grove Implementation Advisory Committee. The Committee is responsible for advising the Planning Board on development activities in the Sector Plan area. Residents and property owners comprise the advisory committee.

The Committee meets on a quarterly basis and when it is necessary to address implementation issues. Pam Lindstrom is the current committee chair.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held in the Shady Grove area.


Name Affiliation
Cheng Tu Upcounty Regional Services Center
John Compton Town of Washington Grove
Pat Labuda Shady Grove Civic Alliance
Pam Lindstrom (chair) Gaithersburg resident
Michael McInerney Sommerville Properties
Joe Parello Old Derwood
Brian Pierce King Farm
Jeff Reznick Park Overlook


Last Updated: June 28, 2018