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Gaithersburg Vicinity

Amended May 1988, July 1990, and November 1996

Check out details on the Montgomery Village Master Plan, find out about the process and how to get involved.

Gaithersburg Vicinity Master Plan (1996)

View the Gaithersburg Vicinity Master Plan (1996) [pdf, 18 MB]

The complete document is represented by the index below:

  • Table of Contents
  • Plan Highlights
  • Land Use and Zoning Recommendations
    • Introduction
    • Shady Grove West Study Area
      • Land Use and Zoning Recommendations by District, Amended 7/90
    • Airpark Study Area
      • Land Use and Zoning Recommendations by District
    • Smokey Glen Study Area
      • Land Use and Zoning Recommendations for Other Areas
      • Oakmont Community
      • Non-Contiguous Parcels
    • Staging Recommendations for the MD 28 Corridor, Amended 7/90
  • Transportation Plan
    • Goals and Guidelines
    • Highway Recommendations
    • Mass Transit Recommendations
    • Bikeway Plan Recommendations
    • Equestrian Trails System

The Rustic Roads Functional Master Plan amended the plan in 2004 to classify Warfield Road as a “country road.”

  • Community Facilities
    • Goals and Guidelines
    • Public Schools
    • Park and Recreation Facilities
    • Future Park Needs
  • Environmental Concerns
    • Goals and Guidelines
    • Environmentally Sensitive Areas
    • Noise Concerns
  • Implementation
    • Sectional Map Amendment
    • Zoning Text Amendments
    • Capital Improvements Program
    • Water Supply and Sewerage Systems Plan
    • Subdivision Regulations
    • Comprehensive Planning Policies
    • Transfer of Development Rights
    • Inter-jurisdictional Issues
    • Noise Containment Techniques for Montgomery County Airpark
    • Historic Sites Master Plan and Ordinance
  • Contents of Technical Appendix
  • Resolutions of Approval and Adoption

List of Figures

  1. Gaithersburg Vicinity Planning Area PA 20)
  2. Major Study Areas
  3. Corridor Cities Diagram
  4. Shady Grove West Area – R&D Village Concept
  5. Shady Grove West Area – Land Use Plan Concepts
  6. Shady Grove West Area – Generalized Zoning Plan
  7. Shady Grove West Area – Parcels Subject to Future Master Plan Amendment
  8. Shady Grove West Area – Districts
  9. Montgomery County Medical Center Development Plan
  10. Shady Grove West Area – Analysis Areas
  11. Airpark Noise Contours – Year 2000
  12. Montgomery County Airpark – North Operations
  13. Montgomery County Airpark – South Operations
  14. Airpark Area – Recommended Land Use
  15. Airpark Area – Recommended Generalized Base Zoning
  16. Airpark Area – Analysis Area
  17. Smokey Glen Area – Zoning Plan
  18. Smokey Glen Area – Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  19. Adopted Oakmont Land Use Plan
  20. Non-contiguous Parcels
  21. MD 28 Corridor Staging Area
  22. Relationship of Master Plan Staging to the Standard Approval Procedure for Transportation  Adequacy
  23. Shady Grove West Area – Existing Development Conditions
  24. Shady Grove West Area – Plan Terminology
  25. Shady Grove West Area – Staging Districts
  26. MD 28 Corridor Staging Area – Major Vacant Parcels Outside Shady Grove West
  27. Transportation Plan
  28. Highway Cross Sections
  29. Bikeways and Equestrian Trails
  30. Existing and Former School Sites
  31. Parks
  32. Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  33. Cabin Branch Stormwater Management Plan
  34. Projected Roadway Noise Contours
  35. Shady Grove West Area – Recommended Sectional Map Amendment Zoning
  36. Recommended Sewer Service Priorities
  37. Transferable Development Rights Process
  38. Evaluated Historic Resources

List of Tables

  1. Summary of Zoning Classifications
  2. Shady Grove West Analysis Areas Summary of Zoning Recommendations
  3. Airpark Analysis Areas Summary of Zoning Recommendations
  4. Non-contiguous Analysis Areas Summary of Zoning Recommendations
  5. Proposed Staging for Shady Grove West Area of MD 28 Corridor
  6. Proposed Staging for Parcels in MD 28 Corridor Outside of Shady Grove West
  7. Street and Highway Classifications
  8. Gaithersburg Vicinity Bikeways
  9. Existing and Planned Public Parkland and Park Facilities in the Gaithersburg Vicinity
  10. Sites to be Removed From the Locational Atlas and Index of Historic Sites

Gaithersburg Vicinity Master Plan (amended 1988 and 1990)

View the Gaithersburg Vicinity Master Plan amended May 1988 and July 1990.

Gaithersburg Vicinity Master Plan (1985)

View the 1985 Gaithersburg Vicinity Master Plan, Land Use Map and Zoning and Highway Map.

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