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Aspen Hill Vision Zero Study

In 2016, Montgomery County committed to Vision Zero, affirming that traffic fatalities and severe injuries in our communities are preventable and unacceptable. Community safety data indicate that parts of Aspen Hill experience higher rates of severe and fatal crashes than in other areas of the county and are in dire need of improvement. The Aspen Hill Vision Zero Study identifies a broad range of tools to comprehensively address traffic safety in Aspen Hill.

The study area includes the land area between Georgia and Connecticut Avenues that extends north of the intersection to Bel Pre Road and south of the intersection to Matthew Henson Park. This area has high numbers of collisions per square mile. Commercial developments within the study area are concentrated near Georgia Avenue, Connecticut Avenue, and Aspen Hill Road, including Northgate Shopping Center, Aspen Hill Shopping Center, Aspen Manor Shopping Center, and stand-alone Home Depot and Kmart stores.

*New* Planning Board Approves Aspen Hill Vision Zero Study

Last Updated: April 9, 2020