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Friendship Heights

Approved and Adopted 1998

NOTE: Please be aware that the page numbering shown on each page does not apply to this media. The numbers shown at the bottom of each page do not correspond to the printed version of the Master Plan.

View the Friendship Heights Sector Plan (1998) [pdf, 8 MB]

The complete document is represented by the index below:

  • Abstract & Table of Contents
  • Plan Vision
  • Plan Highlights
    • Land Use
    • Neighborhood Preservation
    • Transportation Network
    • Open Space and Environmental Protection
  • Background
  • Description of the Sector Plan Area
    • Existing Development
    • Population and Housing
    • Employment
    • Approved Development and Redevelopable Parcels
  • Planning Context
    • 1964 W. Chevy Chase Master Plan and 1970 BCC Master Plan
    • 1974 Friendship Heights Sector Plan
    • 1990 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Master Plan
    • 1998 Friendship Heights Sector Plan: Rationale for the Revision
    • 1992 Planning Act & 1993 Refinement of the Goals and Objectives for Montgomery County
    • District of Columbia Planning
  • Planning Framework
    • Opportunities for Infill Development on Major Parcels
    • Rationale for Recommended Densities, Land Uses, and Locations of Infill Development
    • Planning and Urban Design Principles
  • Land Use, Zoning And Urban Design Plan
    • Goals
    • Chevy Chase Land Company Site: Parcels 10A and 10B
    • Heicht’s Site: Parcel 2
    • GEICO Site: Parcel 15
    • Parcel 6
    • Parcel 4Barlow: Parcels 8, 9B, and 14
    • Neighborhood Preservation
  • Transportation Plan
    • Goals
    • Highway System
    • Transportation Demand Management
    • Bicycle Network Plan
    • Pedestrian and Streetscape Plan
  • Open Space And Environmental Resources Plan
    • Goals
    • Parks and Open Spaces
    • Stormwater Management
    • Air Quality
    • Noise
  • Implementation
    • Zoning
    • Implementation Recommended Improvements
    • Staging and the Annual Growth Policy
  • Appendix
    • Conformance of the Friendship Heights Sector Plan with the 1993 General Plan Refinement of the Goals and Objectives for Montgomery County
    • Coordination of Friendship Heights Sector Plan with District of Columbia Planning and Zoning
    • Friendship Heights Transportation Analysis – Methodology and Supplementary Data
  • Reference Materials
  • Resolutions

List of Figures

  1. Plan Concept
  2. Concept Sketch of Friendship Heights
  3. Neighborhood Preservation
  4. Transportation Network
  5. Open Space Concept
  6. Regional Location
  7. Sector Plan Area
  8. Village of Friendship Heights
  9. Existing Development
  10. Friendship Heights Multi-Family Housing
  11. Significant Commercial Buildings
  12. Development Pipeline April 1996
  13. Location of Redevelopable Parcels
  14. Wedges and Corridors: Geographic Components
  15. Friendship Heights – Washington DC – Existing Land Use
  16. Proposed Land Use Concept
  17. Existing Districts
  18. Surface and Deck Parking
  19. Proposed Land Use Plan
  20. Existing Zoning
  21. Proposed Zoning
  22. Major Parcels – Chevy Chase Land Company
  23. Chevy Chase Center Concept
  24. Chevy Chase Center Perspective
  25. View Along Urban Boulevard at Chevy Chase Land Company Site
  26. Major Parcels – Hecht’s
  27. Hecht’s Concept
  28. Hecht’s Site Perspective
  29. View Along Urban Boulevard at Metro
  30. Major Parcels – GEICO
  31. GEICO Concept
  32. GEICO Site Perspective
  33. GEICO: Open Space Along – Western Avenue
  34. GEICO: Open Space – North of Brookdale Park
  35. View Along Willard Avenue
  36. Parcel 6 Concept
  37. Roadway Network
  38. Levels of Service: Existing
  39. Levels of Service: Recommended Scenario
  40. Proposed Bikeway Network
  41. Proposed Streetscape Plan
  42. Proposed Street Sections
  43. Proposed Street Sections
  44. Open Space Plan
  45. Major Public Park on the Hecht’s side
  46. Urban Park on the Chevy Chase Land Company Site
  47. Brookdale Park

Appendix List of Figures

C-1  Levels of Service: Low Scenario
C-2  Levels of Service: Medium Scenario
C-3  Levels of Service: High Scenario

List of Tables

  1. Major Parcels – Existing Conditions and Approved Pipeline
    1. Major Parcels – Additional Development
    2. Major Parcels – Existing and Approved Pipeline Plus Additional Development
    3. Major Parcels – Maximum Total Development by Land Use
  2. Sector Plan Area – Existing, Pipeline, and Additional Development
  3. Friendship Heights 1995 Intersection Performance Summary
  4. Friendship Heights 2015 Intersection Performance Summary for Recommended Land Use Scenario
  5. Highway and Street Classifications
  6. Existing Apartment and Condominium Recreational Facilities
  7. Proposed Funding Responsibility for Recommended Improvements
  8. Special Studies or Monitoring Recommendations

Appendix List of Tables

B-1. District of Columbia Zoning Categories in Friendship heights
C-1. Friendship Heights 1995 Intersection Performance Summary for a Typical Saturday
C-2. Major Parcels – Low, Medium, and High Land Use Sections
C-3. Metrorail Station Average Ridership on a Typical Day in 1995

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