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Reforest Montgomery webinar

This webinar will include an overview of Reforest Montgomery, a program of the Montgomery County Planning Department. Reforest Montgomery is an umbrella for six subprograms: a free tree program for county residents, a $50 coupon program in partnership with local nurseries, a free reforestation program in the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve, a free reforestation program for residents outside of the reserve, a reforestation program for county parks, and a spade tree planting program for county parks. It is funded by Montgomery County’s Forest Conservation Fund, created by fee-in-lieu payments made by developers in compliance with the county’s Forest Conservation Law. This webinar will cover the unique processes undertaken by staff for site and tree species selection for each subprogram, how community members can participate in each subprogram, and how staff navigate different partnerships to make the program a success. Registration is required.