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Development Review Process Workgroup

  • Buildings under construction

The Montgomery County Planning Department, the Montgomery County Executive, and the Montgomery County House of Delegates Delegation are forming a workgroup to examine the county’s process for reviewing and approving development projects, with a special focus on ensuring the county remains economically competitive.

Under county law, reviewing new development projects in the county, prior to permitting to build, is a collaboration between Montgomery Planning and several county and state agencies, with the Planning Board providing final approval of development proposals. Requirements and procedures that guide the development review process are set in the county code, for which the County Council has the ultimate authority to change and approve through legislation.

Read the Development Review Process Workgroup report.

Recommendations of the Development Review Process Workgroup

State Law Recommendations

  1. Codify language in State Law limiting SHA review time to 30 days. This change will align the SHA review time with County DOT review time and ensure the applicant has all transportation comments at the same time so they can address them efficiently while staying on schedule.
  2. Add specific language in State Law that allows for conditional Planning Board approval of plats. This change would allow an applicant to receive Planning Board approval of a plat while the plat is still circulating for signatures and other administrative tasks. Once the plat is conditionally approved by the Planning Board, it does not need to go back if the conditions are met. This change will save up to 3 weeks for the applicant in the plat process.
  3. Explore the use of digital signatures on plats and allow for the archiving of digital plats.
    1. Using digital signatures on plats could save time but future discussion and research is needed to see what changes can be made at the State level where mylars are required and discussion with engineering firms and surveyors need to occur to determine whether they have the ability to facilitate digital signatures. This will require action by the State, the Planning Board and DPS.
    2. Propose a change to the Real Property Article to change State Law to allow the Archivist to accept digital plats.


Last Updated: October 16, 2023