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Addressing and Street Naming

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An address is used to describe the specific location of a building, an apartment, or a plot of land. The most commonly used way to locate a specific property is the assigned premise address. Premise addresses are used daily by private citizens, postal service, delivery services, utility companies, Police Departments and Fire & Rescue Services to locate specific places. In general, street names are the reference point and the assigned number creates a unique identifier for each building.

Uniformity is a basic requirement to assure that any given property can be quickly and easily located. Since County residents rely on one central Police, Fire & Rescue dispatch center for public safety services, address assignment methodologies must be uniform throughout the County, regardless of whether the addresses are assigned by M-NCPPC or local jurisdictions. A community’s safety and welfare depends on the ability of emergency services to quickly locate every property.Addressing must be given a high priority during the development review process to assure consistency.

Last Updated: June 30, 2022