Master Plan Reality Check

This study evaluates an important, often overlooked part of the planning process, to what extent the vision was achieved and worked as expected.

A master plan establishes goals and recommendations for a physical setting. But how do planners know if the plans were implemented and successful in achieving the vision? Enter the Master Plan Reality Check. This project takes a systematic approach to measuring the outcomes of past County master plans, using quantifiable indicators based on the targets set in plans.

The Master Plan Reality Check was initiated to analyze the degree to which select master plans have realized the vision, densities, land uses, infrastructure and amenities called upon in their respective recommendations. By assessing the difference between a plan’s aspirations and on-the-ground reality, the study will shed light on why some plan aspects materialized as envisioned and others did not.

The analysis of the 1989 Germantown Master Plan has been completed and the study will focus next on plans for Friendship Heights. The plan monitoring and evaluation process will test traditional assumptions and determine if they should be modified based on indicators and past performance. The results will influence the direction of future planning efforts in the County.


News and Events

  • Friendship Heights Sector Plan and Fairland Master Plan Reality Check presentation to the Montgomery County Planning Department, February 23, 2017
  • Germantown Master Plan Reality Check presentation to the Montgomery County Planning Department, July 28, 2016
Last Updated: March 3, 2017