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Historic Preservation Easements


Historic Preservation easements are legal instruments that provide permanent protection for historic, archaeological, or cultural resources. Property owners who convey an easement negotiate specific restrictions, such as the right to alter or demolish a building or to further subdivide a property, in return for permanent preservation.

Chapter 24A, Section 13, of the Montgomery County Code provides for a historic preservation easement program for the protection of significant historic resources. Easements are held by the County in perpetuity and run with the land, so successive property owners are subject to the terms of the agreement.

Easements are flexible tools that are unique to each property and may cover exterior, interior, and environmental features. Historic Preservation staff work with property owners to develop the terms of the easement and to review and approve any changes or alterations to the property once the easement is in place. The easement program can also allow for a reduction in the taxable basis of the property in return for conveying the easement.

For more information, please reach out to the Historic Preservation Office at (301) 563-3400.

Other Easement Programs

Montgomery County property owners may also be eligible to convey a historic preservation easement to the Maryland Historical Trust or a land conservation easement to the Maryland Environmental Trust. Homeowners in specific municipalities may also be able to partner with local land trusts to convey an easement. The Kensington Land Trust is one example of such an organization.

Find Easement Properties

The map below highlights sites with easements held by the County, Maryland Historical Trust, or Maryland Environmental Trust.