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Potomac Subregion

Potomac Subregion Master Plan

April 2002

The Potomac Subregion Master Plan [PDF] begins:

“As Potomac has evolved from rural and agricultural to a semi-rural and suburban subregion, it has retained much of its green character and environmental qualities. These qualities are under threat. Inexorable population growth continues to foster intense development pressure on the Potomac Subregion. This Master Plan strongly recommends that sustaining the environment be the pre-eminent policy determinant in a subregion so defined by its natural resources. New development and redevelopment must respect and enhance the Subregion’s environmental quality, while helping to build communities and resources that will serve existing and future generations of residents.From the Plan Highlights, p. 1

Master Plan and Documents

Potomac Subregion Master Plan (pdf, 26.6 MB) (Approved and Adopted April 2002)

Master Plan Foldout Maps

Other Documents