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Urban Loading and Delivery Management Study

Studying best practices for delivering goods and services in urban areas


The purpose of this study is to identify regional, national and international best practices and policy options to better balance loading and delivery functions with through-movements of people and goods in urbanizing areas of the County, using Downtown Bethesda as a case study.

The County’s urbanizing areas are thriving centers with numerous commercial and residential buildings, restaurants, shops, public open spaces, art galleries, and entertainment venues. However, these desirable land uses, and centers of activity, along with the associated expansion of high-quality pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, present challenges in accommodating efficient and safe loading and delivery functions for all users. With increasing frequency, commercial and private loading and delivery vehicles are making use of public roads and sidewalks in ways that disrupt orderly vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic and undermine safety.  Loading and delivery activities are a critical part of a vibrant downtown. The timing and manner of those deliveries are equally a critical part of providing a safe and efficient multimodal transportation network.

View the Urban Loading and Delivery Management Study November 5 Planning Board staff report and presentation.

Last Updated: September 20, 2023