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North and West Silver Spring Master Plan

Approved and Adopted 2000

View the North and West Silver Spring Master Plan (2000) [pdf, 8MB]

The complete document is represented by the index below:

  • Table of Contents
  • Plan Highlights
  • Plan Introduction
    • Overview
    • Location
    • Planning Context
    • The Role of a Master Plan
  • Community Preservation, Stability and Character
    • Introduction
    • North Silver Spring
    • West Silver Spring
    • Historic Resources
  • Commercial Centers – Character and Vitality
    • Introduction
    • Cameron Street Properties
    • Rock Creek Center
    • Brookville Road Industrial Area
    • Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Forest Glen Annex
    • National Park Seminary Historic District
    • Special Exceptions
  • Montgomery Hills Proposed Concept
  • Neighborhood-Friendly Circulation Systems
    • Introduction
    • Areawide Traffic Circulation
    • Colesville Road
    • Sixteenth Street
    • Brookville Road Area
    • Talbot Avenue Bridge
    • Transit
    • The Pedestrian Environment
    • Bikeway and Trails
  • Parks, Community Facilities, and Environmental Resources
    • Introduction
    • Parks and Open Space
    • Environmental Resources

Maps (Maps are included within their respective areas of text)

List of Tables (Tables are included within their respective areas of text)


  1. Glossary of Selected Terminology
  2. Montgomery Hills Commercial Center Economic Health Analysis
  3. Market Study for Brooksville Industrial Area – Executive Summary
  4. Historic Resources
  5. Silver Spring/Takoma Park Transportation and Circulation Report
  6. County Council Approval Resolution
Last Updated: July 13, 2022