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Bethesda-Chevy Chase

Approved and Adopted 1990

For information on the update of the Bethesda CBD Sector Plan, which is within the area covered by the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Master Plan, see Bethesda Downtown Plan.

View the Comprehensive Amendment to the Bethesda/Chevy Chase Master Plan (1990) (pdf, 10 MB)

The complete document is represented by the index below:

  • Details
  • Master Plan Highlights
  • Master Plan Framework
    • Master Plan History
    • Summary of Trends and Land Use
  • Visions and Concepts
  • Goals and Objectives
    • Development Levels and Location Policies
      • Development Levels Objectives
      • Employment Development Objectives
      • Housing Development Objectives
  • Land Use and Zoning Plan
    • Areawide Land Use Guidelines
      • Green Corridors Policy
      • Special Exceptions
      • Large Land Users
      • Conservation Areas
    • Chevy Chase – Eastern and Southern B-CC
      • Areawide Plan
      • Chevy Chase Lake Plan
    • Mid-Bethesda – Northern B-CC
      • Areawide Plan
      • Old Georgetown Road Plan
      • Pooks Hill Plan
    • Palisades – Western B-CC
      • Areawide Plan
      • Community Retail Centers
    • Sector Plan Areas
      • Friendship Heights CBD Sector Plan
      • Bethesda CBD Sector Plan
      • Westbard Sector Plan
    • Federal Employees Centers
      • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
      • Naval Medical Command
      • Defense Mapping Agency (DMA)
  • Transportation Plan
    • Mobility Plan
      • Public Transportation
      • Park-and-Ride Lots and Ridesharing
      • Bicycle and Pedestrian Paths
      • Georgetown Branch
    • Highway System Plan
      • Highway Improvement Policy
      • Planned Highway Projects
      • Future Highway Needs
      • Street and Highway Plan
    • Transportation Analysis
      • Areawide Analysis
      • Patterns of Localized Congestion
  • Environmental Resources Plan
    • Natural Features
    • Water and Air
      • Water: Quantity and Quality
      • Noise and Air
    • Public Utilities
  • Community Facilities and Needs Plan
    • Public Facilities
      • Public Schools, Libraries, and other Facilities
      • Parks and Open Space
    • People Needs
      • Elderly Population
    • Retail Needs
  • Historic Resources
  • Implementation Plan
    • Staging Policies
    • Zoning and Legislation
    • Capital/Operating Programs and Fiscal Considerations
      • The FY 90-95 Capital Improvements Program
      • Capitol Improvements Recommended, But Not Yet Programmed
      • Operating Budget Program Recommendations
    • Planning and Supplementary Actions
    • Fiscal Considerations

List of Tables

  1. Large Land Users Land Use and Zoning Recommendations
  2. Chevy Chase: Eastern B-CC Land Use and Zoning Recommendations
  3. Chevy Chase Lake Land Use and Zoning Recommendations
  4. Chevy Chase Lake Land Use and Zoning Recommendations for the Community Retail Center
  5. Mid-Bethesda Land Use and Zoning Recommendations
  6. Palisades Land Use and Zoning Recommendations
  7. Palisades Land Use and Zoning Recommendations for the Community Retail Centers
  8. Friendship Heights Land Use Outside of CBD Area
  9. Bethesda Business District Land Use Outside the Sectional Map Amendment Boundaries
  10. Identification of Master Plan Strategies for Improved Transportation in B-CC.
  11. State of Maryland highway Needs Inventory
  12. Maryland and Montgomery County Capital Projects
  13. Summary of the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Master Plan Highway Needs
  14. Street and Highway Classifications
  15. Correspondence Between Transit Availability and Average Level of Service Standards
  16. Bethesda-Chevy Chase Historic Resources
  17. Current Approved Capital improvement Program FYs 90-95

List of Figures

  1. General Plan
  2. Planning Area Map
  3. Master Plan Boundary
  4. Projected Population by Age Groups
  5. Development Location Policies
  6. Green Corridor Concepts
  7. Chevy Chase Lake Recommendations
  8. Chevy Chase Lake Community Retail Center: Parcels
  9. Old Georgetown Road Recommendations
  10. GEICO’s Recommended C-O Zoning
  11. Levels of Service
  12. Current and Future Transportation Projects
  13. Street and Highway Plan
  14. Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  15. Flooding and Erosion
  16. Historic Sites


  1. Population Age Distribution in B-CC Over Time
  2. Maps of Each Parcel Analyzed (200-Foot Scale)
  3. Illustrations and Concept Plan Figures
  4. Transferable Development Rights
  5. Zoning Chart
  6. County Council Resolution of Approval (11-1884)
  7. M-NCPPC Resolution of Adoption (90-13)
Last Updated: November 6, 2017