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Planning Department Will Hold Community Meeting on November 14 to Launch the Minor Master Plan Amendment to the Shady Grove Sector Plan

October 19, 2018

shady grove minor master plan amendment

Planners will discuss reasons for amendment, including re-examining development staging and transportation requirements, at event to be held at Mill Creek Towne Elementary School

SILVER SPRING, MDThe Montgomery County Planning Department, part of The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, is inviting anyone who has an interest in the future of the areas surrounding the Shady Grove Metro Station to attend a public meeting on Wednesday, November 14 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Mill Creek Towne Elementary School (17700 Park Mill Drive, Derwood, MD).

The event will launch the minor master plan amendment to the 2006 Shady Grove Sector Plan. The amendment will update the recommendations in the plan to stage new residential and non-residential development after certain transportation and public facilities requirements are met.

Planners will introduce the plan, discuss the reasons for amending it and answer questions from the audience. RSVP online to attend the meeting.

Background on the Shady Grove Sector Plan

The 2006 Shady Grove Sector Plan envisions a mixed-use residential community that redevelops industrial and commercial uses, including the County Service Park (CSP), and creates new parks and open spaces, bikeways and public facilities to enhance the Derwood community. Already, the site of the CSP is being transformed into the Shady Grove Station-Westside development with townhouses and amenities.

Since the Shady Grove Sector Plan’s approval 12 years ago, several substantive changes have been made to the county’s land use planning policies and practices, including the adoption of a new zoning ordinance in 2014, an update to the county’s Subdivision Staging Policy in 2016 and new data-driven approaches to transportation planning.

For these reasons, planners are revisiting some of the transportation implementation recommendations in the Shady Grove Sector Plan. They are launching a minor master plan Amendment to reexamine the 2006 plan’s three, sequential stages of development as well as the requirements, particularly the transportation requirements or triggers, that must be implemented prior to the initiation of each phase of development. Review the 2006 Shady Grove Sector Plan for more information.

Goals of the Minor Master Plan Amendment to the Shady Grove Sector Plan

  • Raise awareness of the plan’s goals and communicate that its vision is still viable and being implemented, but that the staging elements, such as the transportation requirements of the plan, need to be reexamined.
  • Provide an opportunity for all audiences to participate in the plan amendment process and provide feedback on ideas, concerns and recommendations.
  • Deliver a plan amendment with updated staging triggers that are in line with current planning best practices.
  • Invite stakeholders to learn more about the planning process in general and about Montgomery Planning’s goals for the current and future quality of life for the county.

For more information, contact lead planner Nkosi Yearwood at or tel. 301-495-1332.