Veirs Mill Corridor Master Plan

The Montgomery County Planning Department (M-NCPPC), under the guidance of the Montgomery County Planning Board and Montgomery County Council, initiated the Veirs Mill Corridor Plan in January 2017. To develop the plan, staff will review land uses and existing conditions to propose recommendations for improvements in the area. The plan will focus on neighborhood access to the anticipated bus rapid transit (BRT) stations, compatibility with adjoining land uses, potential redevelopment opportunities and improved connectivity.

The Veirs Mill Corridor Plan extends approximately four miles, from the City of Rockville to the Wheaton Central Business District and Vicinity Sector Plan boundary. The northern and southern limits of the Plan include the ¼ mile radius of the BRT stations identified in the 2013 Countywide Transit Corridors Functional Master Plan, properties abutting Veirs Mill Road and sites requiring additional analysis, including the Halpine View property and the properties at the intersection of Veirs Mill and Randolph Roads.

The Veirs Mill Corridor Plan will:

  • Evaluate and provide recommendations to guide future land uses along the Veirs Mill Road corridor.
  • Develop recommendations to improve the compatibility between the land uses adjacent to Veirs Mill Road and the future bus rapid transit corridor.
  • Develop recommendations to improve pedestrian and bicycle accessibility and connectivity  within the Plan area.
  • Explore opportunities for redevelopment at strategic locations to provide walkable, neighborhood-serving development.
  • Consider a comprehensive streetscape design and opportunities for placemaking within the corridor.

To strengthen our understanding of the priorities for the Veirs Mill Road Corridor, the Montgomery County Planning Department needs to build on feedback received through community meetings. What elements in the community do you think should be preserved, enhanced or transformed? Please use this questionnaire in English or Spanish to express your ideas!

Last Updated: October 9, 2017