Four Corners

Approved and Adopted 1996

Please be aware that the page numbering shown on each page does not apply to this media. The numbers shown at the bottom of each page do not correspond to the printed version of the Master Plan. The complete document is represented by the index below.

Table of Contents [PDF] (pdf, 801KB)

Resolution [PDF] (pdf, 817KB)

Plan Highlights [PDF] (pdf, 1.52MB)
Community and Center
Transporation Network
Community Facilities and Linkages

Introduction [PDF] (pdf, 349KB)

Background [PDF] (pdf, 785KB)
General Description of the Master Plan Area
Conformance with Maryland Planning Act of 1992 and General Plan for Montgomery County
Four Corners Today

Plan Framework [PDF] (pdf, 986KB)
The Plan Concept
The Plan Vision

Land Use and Zoning [PDF] (pdf, 1.98MB)
Blair High School
Residential Land Uses
Commercial Land Uses

  • Woodmoor Shopping Center

Transportation [PDF] (pdf, 2.41MB)
The Roadway Syste

  • US 29 (Colesville Road) Policy
  • Colesville Road/University Boulevard Intersection
  • Neighborhood Traffic
  • Roadway Improvements and Classifications


Community Facilties [PDF] (pdf, 1.56MB)
Parks, Recreation, and Open Space
Public Schools
Post Office
Public Safety
Day Care Services

Environmental Resources [PDF] (pdf, 1.15MB)
Approach to Environmental Resources Protection
Water Resources
Air Quality
Forest and Tree Protection
Water and Sewer Service

Historic Preservation [PDF] (pdf, 608KB)
Four Corners Historic Resources

Implementation [PDF] (pdf, 136KB)

Reference Materials [PDF] (pdf, 95KB)

List of Figures

  1. Community and Center
  2. Transportation Network
  3. Community Facilities and Linkages
  4. Environment
  5. Relationship to Eastern Montgomery County
  6. Regional Location
  7. Four Corners Master Plan Area
  8. Neighborhoods of Four Corners
  9. Land Use Plan
  10. Blair High School Site Plan
  11. Existing Residentail Zoning
  12. Residential Zoning Plan
  13. Exisiting Commericial Zoning
  14. Commercial Zoning Plan
  15. SHA Jughandle Improvement
  16. Existing Street and Highway Network
  17. Street and Highway Plan
  18. Existing Bus Service
  19. Sidewalk Needs
  20. Bikeway Plan
  21. Community Facilities Plan
  22. Greenways Plan
  23. Watersheds
  24. Environmental Resources
  25. Historic Resources

List of Tables

  1. Proposed Street and Highway Classification
  2. Recommended Pedestrian Improvements in Four Corners
  3. Bikeway Plan in Four Corners
  4. Four Corners Master Plan Historic Resources
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