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A Visit To Velatis
Silver Spring Singular

SSS samples the caramels from Velatis, which recently opened on Georgia Avenue in a building previously occupied by trees. Mouth watering images included.




Lessons from a South American Bus Rapid Transit system
Greater Greater Washington

Councilmember George Leventhal traveled to Curitiba, Brazil to test out their BRT system. He shares his thoughts with GGW.





It’s Worse Than You Thought… but maybe better too
Friends of White Flint

An interesting recap of where Montgomery County is strong, and where it needs to improve relative to the Washington region.





How Silver Spring Park could be a good neighbor
Greater Greater Washington / Just Up The Pike

Wednesday Eclectica
Thayer Avenue

Two blogs share their thoughts on Silver Spring Park, the project formerly known as the Moda Vista.

Note: This project goes before the Planning Board on March 4th. The planning staff report can be found here.


A Plan to Decarbonize Chicago’s Loop

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, the designers responsible for the Willis (Sears) Tower retrofit, have completed an initial analysis of buildings in the heart of Chicago to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2020.

Architecture of Healthiness
Next American City

New York City recently came out with their Active Design Guidelines, and is looking at a number of ways to make buildings healthier and more active places to live and work.
Green Roofs Are So Last Year; Rooftop Farms Are The Growing Thing

Treehugger runs through a plethora of examples demonstrating the rising popularity of rooftop gardens.