Smoothing the Way for Bikeshare in Montgomery County

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Since 2008, when Washington, D.C. rolled out bicycles for short-term, commuter-oriented trips, it has grown to one of the largest systems in the U.S. With more than 175 stations and 1,700 bicycles, bikesharing has changed the way people get around in the city and inner suburbs. The growth in bikesharing reflects a wave of interest… Read more »

Bikeshare Coming to Silver Spring, etc.

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I have a confession: i don’t own a bike. The bus and metro are a bit too convenient for me. And with DC’s Bikeshare program and the soon to come Silver Spring program, why would I need one? (And we’re beginning to reserve spaces on land in White Flint.) With a grant in place and… Read more »

Deco Bikes

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Bike sharing is a natural for Miami Beach. Yup, even in a place where Lamborghinis jostle with Bentleys in the public parking lots, a bike is cool. The island is flat, warm, laid out in a gridded street pattern, and partially ringed with off-road bike routes that pass by a marina, Government Cut, South Pointe Park,… Read more »

Bikes and Cars, Traveling Together

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New York continues to open its streets to all users, rethinking its infrastrcutre in a way that makes the city enjoyable for more people, and a bit greener. There is hardly a more iconic street than Broadway and if you’re a cyclist, it’s where your dreams might in fact come true. After testing lane closures… Read more »

Capital Bikeshare Begins

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DC has taken an early step in becoming a more bike-friendly community (a la Montreal). See the press release below: Sign Up Today for Capital Bikeshare Discount Memberships Now Available at Become a Founding Member (Washington, D.C.) – Cyclists in the Washington area can now sign up in advance for Capital Bikeshare, the regional… Read more »

Un-graying Infrastructure

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Roads, parking garages, even trails rarely have the urban glamour of Italian hill towns, grand plazas, or museums and symphony halls. For many planners and architects, they are the unfortunate necessities that make a place work and are often treated accordingly. But as this article in Better Cities and Towns shows, infrastructure can add drama… Read more »

Biking Benefits

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By the end of the summer, the first Capital bikeshare will be open in Montgomery County. In the meantime, here are some interesting statistics about bike riding and bike-friendly places. Capital Bikeshare has released the second part of its user’s survey–who report spending less money on transportation, and being more physically fit. But it takes… Read more »

Transit improvements Should Not Be Considered Anything Paved

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In response to the article, “The year ahead: A top 10 list of transportation projects to watch“, I have to say I’m quite disappointed. Not by the content per se, but the title. Of the 10 projects listed, only 4 are truly “transit” projects; the other 6 are highway projects/roadway improvements (all 10 of which… Read more »

A new(ish) Park in DC

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The Yards Park has already won a list of awards, but I’ve just discovered it. I can see why it’s won awards–there are so many things I love about it–the variety of spaces, the classic Holly Whyte bits of urbanism (movable chairs, touchable water, something to eat, people to watch), and its connections, running from… Read more »