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I have a confession: i don’t own a bike. The bus and metro are a bit too convenient for me. And with DC’s Bikeshare program and the soon to come Silver Spring program, why would I need one? (And we’re beginning to reserve spaces on land in White Flint.)

With a grant in place and plans under way, the first project to propose a bikeshare station with integrated public art, Fenwick Station (on the corner of Second Avenue and Spring Street), was reviewed by the Planning Board on April 26.

Fenwick Station Plaza with Bikeshare Facility

Fenwick Station Plan

This is just in time for national bike month!

So maybe we can give DC, named the 6th most bikeable city by, a run (ride?) for their money.

And to make our pedestrian realm a bit more fun, here’s a thought for more interesting bike racks: Louisville’s public art/bike rack solution:

Coincidentally, they happened to be having a biking event one of the days we visited.



3 Responses to “Bikeshare Coming to Silver Spring, etc.”

  1. Joe in SS

    Have the other CaBi locations in Silver Spring been decided yet? I am very excited for this, I work and live in SS, and am a CaBi member just for when I attend work meetings downtown. This will be a lot nicer!

  2. Barb

    So these will be CaBi stations, right? Not some dumb, unaffiliated program that’ll only have a few stands and doomed to fail from the start…right?

  3. joshua sloan

    These are “CaBi” stations. The other locations have not been decided yet – keep an eye out for public discussions at the Board.