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It may be, according to a new report from CEOs for Cities that measures home value in walkable and less walkable communties.

The data in Walking the Walk is based on Walk Score, a website that measures the walkability of any given address by counting how many destinations (parks, library, stores) are within walking distance.

(I would quibble this approach only to note that my house is close to a hardware store, sushi shop (!), and a national park, but with few sidewalks leading to them, walkability is limited.)

Nonetheless, using data from ZipRealty in 15 major markets, they found home values were between $700 to $3,000 higher than is less walkable neighborhoods.

So it seems a sidewalk and a place to walk can increase not only personal wealth, but a community’s tax base as well.

It’s right around the corner, and it adds value.

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  1. claudia kousoulas

    Thanks for noticing–palm trees do catch your eye. It’s worth pointing out that this is Route 1 through the Town of Surfside, which through design and tenacious protection of retail have managed to keep a main street and a through street.