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The Yards Park has already won a list of awards, but I’ve just discovered it.

I can see why it’s won awards–there are so many things I love about it–the variety of spaces, the classic Holly Whyte bits of urbanism (movable chairs, touchable water, something to eat, people to watch), and its connections, running from Diamond Teague Park at National’s Stadium and through the Navy Yard, with a few bikeshare docks along the way.


Along with a great lawn, there are also intimate spaces, emphasized with the use of residential planning materials like hosta, boxwood, and birch


Is this not the ultimate in “touchable water”? It is also my idea of heaven, Sunday morning, newspaper, pastry, a shady seat, and a place for the kids to have safe fun


The detailing is thoughtful too; what a nice way to signal that you won’t be able to sleep here, while echoing the river’s ripples


from initimate spaces to dramatic walkways (underneath it, in the shade, are lots of movable chairs)

from drama, to lots of drama; the park was able to coordinate with the Navy Yard to make a continuous path