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Some Monday morning eye candy from last Friday’s Providence Journal feature on two beautiful new townhomes in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.   They were designed by Melrose Partners, who seem to do a fair amount of beautiful work.  Thanks to Larry from Providence for the tip.  Happy Monday.

2 Responses to “Monday Morning Eye Candy: New Chicago Townhomes”

  1. claudia

    I love the careful detailing on this pair. So often this kind of things looks literally hollow, but here it looks true. I think it’s interesting that they couldn’t quite negotiate their relationship tothe street without putting up a wall. I’m thinking of NYC and Boston townhouses that march right up to the sidewalk. Though in DC, the model seems to be weedy little dooryards.

  2. GK

    The pair looks sumptuous but not overblown. The proportioning between the stories is on target and your comment about the front yard is well-taken. I wonder what the typical configuration is for this neighborhood: a Captiol Hill rowhouse, a New York brownstone, and a street from Boston’s South End all have particular entrance to sidewalk relationships.

    It’s odd to see this kind of architecture portrayed now, as compared to the more modern stuff that is prevalent again. I know the Philly pictures elsewhere on this blog were taken on the most dismal of days and the Chicago houses are bathed in a swimsuit model glow–but is this how we like our buildings, as Americans?