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2007-2009 Growth Policy

Sustaining Growth for the 21st Century

On June 19, 2008 the Planning Board approved the new school enrollment figures for FY2009.

The 2007-2009 Growth Policy

  • Strengthened transportation guidelines to better consider surrounding roads and transit
  • Linked the evaluation of school capacity to Montgomery County Public School program capacity
  • Expanded the definition of public facilities to include the environment (water pollution, air pollution, etc), energy, and affordable housing
  • Established a better way to measure the impact of growth and propose a fair impact tax for developers
  • Considered ways to raise the standards for well-designed communities

County Council requirements

The Montgomery County Council considered these objectives and the recommendations and findings of the M-NCPPC Growth Policy report before passing its 2007-2009 Growth Policy Resolution on November 13, 2007. The resolution took effect on November 15, 2007 and applies to any subdivision preliminary plan filed on or after that date. Also, any subdivision preliminary plan for which a completed application was filed on or after January 1, 2007 and which the Planning Board did not approve before November 13, 2007 is subject to this resolution. This resolution includes mandatory impact fee rates that will developers must pay on projects effected under this policy. Fees will be used to address traffic congestion and increase school construction efforts.

Those anticipating to start development project planning should work early with M-NCPPC staff to comply with the County Council requirements.

For a summary of the growth policy actions, LATR/PAMR draft guidelines, policy area maps depicting school moratorium areas:Clarksburg cluster, a policy area map depicting PAMR mitigation requirements, and maps outlining the 1/2 mile MARC train boundary, see the chart below.

2007-2009 Growth Policy - Summary, LATR, and Maps

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How this policy was established: The M-NCPPC Growth Policy Study

The adopted 2007-2009 Growth Policy Resolution is based on the Planning Board's recommendations on "Toward Sustainable Growth for Montgomery County: A Growth Policy for the 21st Century." on May 21, 2007. Below is a link to the Planning Board's recommendations as well as the accompanying cover letter written by Chairman Royce Hanson.

Toward Sustainable Growth for Montgomery County: A Growth Policy for the 21st Century

Memos Prepared for planning Board Work Sessions

The Montgomery County Planning Department participated with graduate students in George Washington University's Public Policy and Public Administration Programs this spring. Two groups of students under the guidance of their professors and Planning Department staff researched, analyzed, and prepared reports on policy issues facing the County. The reports, titled: Considering Quality of Life in the Master Planning Process and Sustaining Smart Growth in Montgomery County are found below.

Additional links to research material:

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Need further information?

If you have questions about the growth policy, please contact:

Pamela Dunn, Planner Coordinator