Application Forms

Application forms

The following table provides materials for all plan types that go through a traditional, hard-copy submission process. For preliminary plan, site plan, and record plat applications, visit our ePlans page.

See our Forest Conservation Program page for information on the County’s Forest Conservation Law.

See the application form for requesting an extension to the public hearing date scheduled for project, sketch, preliminary, and site plans.

Some projects are eligible to obtain approval of a Forest Conservation Exemption without having to submit an Exemption application and plan drawing if there are no proposed land disturbing activities. See the forms at the bottom of this page if you believe one of these Exemption exceptions applies to your project.

There is one Fee Schedule and Worksheet for all application types. Some of our fees changed on February 13, 2017, so make sure you are using the most recent fee schedule. The most recent change was to add Administrative Subdivision fees.

Item Pre-Application NRI/FSD and FC Exemption Forest Conservation Plan Project Plan Sketch Plan New! Administrative Subdivision Concept Plan
Submission Requirements PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF See PDF above
Certification of Compliance PDF PDF PDF PDF PDF
Notice of Application: Standard (Old Zoning Code) Word Doc Word Doc Word Doc
Notice of Application: Standard (New Zoning Code) Word Doc Word Doc
Notice: Amendment Requiring Planning Board Hearing Word Doc Word Doc
Notice: No Planning Board Action Word Doc
Notice: Consent Agenda Word Doc
Notice: Director Amendment Word Doc
Agricultural Exemption Declaration of Intent (New) PDF
Real Estate Transfer Exemption Declaration of Intent (New) PDF
Single Lot Exemption Declaration of Intent (New) PDF
Timber Harvest (New)  PDF
Forest Conservation Data Table Excel
Forest Conservation Worksheet Excel
Final Forest Conservation Developer’s Certificate Word Doc
Root-pruning detail PDF
Tree protection detail PDF
Permanent easement signage detail PDF
Inspection schedule detail PDF PDF
Forest conservation sequence of events (New) PDF PDF


Post-Approval Items

Forest Conservation Plans

Site Plans

Subdivision Plans

Other Plan Submission Information

Subdivision Regulation Waiver (SRW) Request

Adequate Public Facilities (APF) Review Request

Request to Extend Plan Validity

Staging Allocation Request

For Multiple Types of Development Plans

Forest Conservation

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Need help understanding our process? View terms in our glossary.

Last Updated: October 9, 2017