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Other Resources

Watch Planning Board Chair Françoise Carrier present a progress report on the Zoning Rewrite process to the County Council January 14, 2014. A copy of her presentation slides are available here.


Learn more about the Zoning Rewrite Project's progress in this video excerpt from our December 2012 Montgomery Plans cable show.

Zoning Ordinance

View a searchable, indexed copy of the current Montgomery County Zoning Ordinance online.

Revised District Map Amendment

Since May 2, 2013, the PHED Committee has held 8 worksessions to review and discuss ZTA 13-04, and DMA G-956. Planning Staff has continued to review and evaluate the proposed map amendment based on the PHED Committee worksessions and correspondence from stakeholders and property owners. In addition, several Corrective and Local Map Amendments have been approved by the County Council since DMA G-956 was introduced. The revised version of DMA G-956 contains all of the proposed and approved changes that have occurred since May 2, 2013. This interactive map shows where changes have been made to the original DMA, and the following documents explain each change. Documents are organized based on the date the change was made.

CR Zones Mapped Prior to October 30, 2014
Affordable Housing Presentation (10/7/2013)
Makeover Montgomery Conference

Details about the April 2011 conference and links to the powerpoint presentations.

Green Papers

Browse our Green Papers, short first draft documents on topics relevant to the Rewrite that are meant to stimulate debate.

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Zoning Montgomery is a website dedicated to the multi-year process of reorganizing, revising, and simplifying the county’s current zoning ordinance to accommodate the most ideal future development