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info This archive page is no longer updated and may contain out-of-date information

Kensington and Vicinity Sector Plan

Approved and Adopted 1978

NOTE: Please be aware that the page numbering shown on each page does not apply to this media. The numbers shown at the bottom of each page do not correspond to the printed version of the Master Plan. The complete document is represented by the index below.

Table of Contents (pdf, 1.39MB)

Introduction (pdf, 535KB)
Plan Boundary
Planning Period and Plan Review

Summary of Recommendations (pdf, 591KB)

Background (pdf, 2.78MB)
History of Knowles Stations and the Town of Kensington

  • Early Development
  • Creation of the Municipality of Kensington and Development of Public Facilities

Planning History in Kensington
Demographic Profile

  • Introduction
  • Selected Findings
    • Population
    • Household Characteristics
    • Housing Units and Values
    • Length of Residence
    • Years of School Completed
    • Household Income
    • Occupations
    • Employment

Framework for Planning (pdf, 437KB)

The Land Use Plan (pdf, 2.10MB)

Residential Land Use

  • Overviews
  • Transitional Residential
  • Apartments
  • Housing for the Elderly
  • Ken-Gar Renewal Plan
  • Historic Preservation 

Commercial Land Use

  • Overview
  • Transitional Commercial Areas
  • Moderate-Intensity Office Areas
  • Antique Shops
  • General Commercial Areas
  • Kensington's Central Business District Classification

Light Industrial Land Use

The Transportation Plan (pdf, 2.30MB)

The Existing Street and Highway Network
Traffic Analysis

  • Improvements to the Existing Street Network
  • New or Improved Crossings of the Railroad
  • Operational Modifications to the Existing Street Network

Street and Highway Recommendations

  • Sector Plan period -- 6 to 10 Years
  • After the 10-Year Sector Plan Period

The Existing Mass Transit System
The Future Mass Transit System

  • Transit Recommendations

The Existing Bicycle and Pedestrian System
The Future Bicycle and Pedestrian System

  • Bicycle and Pedestrian System Recommendations

The Public Facilities Plan (pdf, 1.02MB)
Parks and Open Space

  • Existing Parks
  • Proposed Parks

Public Schools
Fire, Rescue, and Police Services
Health Services
Wheaton Community Services Center
Kensington Armory
Ken-Gar Neighborhood Center
Postal Facilities
Kensington Town Garage
State Highway Administration Yard

The Environment (pdf, 1.79MB)

Introduction and General Recommendations
Natural Systems

  • Soils
  • Geology
  • Hydrology and Vegetation
  • Parcel Analysis


  • Noise Standards
  • Vehicle Noise
  • Train Noise

Air Quality
Sewerage Facilities

Implementation (pdf, 7.74MB)
Plan Review
Capital Improvements Program

  • Proposed Zoning

Neighborhood Preservation
Historic Preservation
Visual Appearance
Central Business District Classification

Appendix (pdf, 5.74MB)

  1. Land Use and Zoning Tables
  2. Urban Design
  3. Resolutions of Approval and Adoption

List of Maps

  1. Sector Plan Location
  2. Sector Plan Area
  3. Summary of Recommendations
  4. Demographic Areas
  5. Concept Plan
  6. Proposed New Residential Uses
  7. Ken-Gar Renewal Plan
  8. Proposed New Commercial and Industrial Uses
  9. Central Business District
  10. Existing Land Use
  11. Land Use Plan
  12. 1976 Average Weekday Traffic
  13. Reversible Lane Concept - Connecticut Avenue
  14. Proposed Street and Highway Improvements
  15. Street and Highway Plan
  16. Bikeways
  17. Public Facilities
  18. Environmental Concerns
  19. Parcel Analysis
  20. Existing Zoning
  21. Zoning Plan
  22. Specific Zoning Changes Recommended
  23. Historic District

List of Tables

  1. Population in the Kensington Demographic Area: 1960-1975
  2. Population in the Town of Kensington by Age and Sex: 1960-1970
  3. Population Distributions in 1970 and 1975 by Age and Sex in the Town of Kensington
  4. Household Relationships in the Kensington Demographic Area and Mont. Cnty: 1970
  5. Household Relationships in the Town of Kensington: 1960-1970
  6. Household Relationships in the Town of Kensington and Montgomery County: 1960-1970
  7. Residential Units in the Kensington Demographic Area: 1970-1975
  8. Owner-Occupied versus Renter Housing in Kensington Demographic Area: 1975
  9. Structures of Residential Units in Town of Kensington: 1960-1970
  10. Dwelling Units by Structure Type in Mont. Cnty and Town of Kensington: 1975
  11. Age of Residential Units in Mont. Cnty and in Town of Kensington: 1975
  12. Owner and Renter Units in the Town of Kensington: 1975
  13. Dwelling Units in the Adjacent Areas by Structure Type: 1975
  14. Owner-Occupied versus Renter Housing in Adjacent Areas: 1975
  15. Place of Residence in 1965 of Residents of Mont. Cnty and Town of Kensington: 1970
  16. Years of School Completed by Residents of Town of Kensington and Mont Cnty: 1970
  17. Household Income in Kensington Demographic Area and in Mont Cnty: 1970-1975
  18. Occupational Characteristics of Workers in Town of Kensington and Mont Cnty: 1970
  19. Employment in Kensington Demographic Area by Stnd Industrial Classification: 1972-1974
  20. Comp. of Employment by Major Stnd Ind. Class for Kensington and Mont Cnty: 1972
  21. Comp. of Employment by Major Stnd Ind. Class for Kensington and Mont Cnty: 1974
  22. Employment in Adjacent Areas by Major Stnd Industrial Classification: 1972-1974
  23. Proposed Street and Highway Improvement Program
  24. Kensington Area Bicycle Facilities
  25. Kensington Area Public Schools - Site Size, Pupil Capacity, and Enrollment
  26. Summary of Parcel Analysis
  27. Maximum Allowable Noise Levels by Zoning Category (dBA)
  28. Proposed Capital Improvements Program

Appendix A

  1. Existing Land Use - Kensington and Vicinity
  2. Existing Zoning - Kensington and Vicinity

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