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Marc Rail Communities Plan

MARC Train StationThe new MARC Rail Communities Plan will build on the recommendations of the previous 1985 Boyds Master Plan, the 1989 Germantown Master Plan and the 2009 Germantown Employment Area Sector Plan, and will examine in greater detail the land uses, zoning, design and multimodal access to the two MARC stations. Specifically, this limited Master Plan will:

  • Determine the appropriate land uses and densities at sites near each station.
  • Provide recommendations to improve multimodal access to each station (using information gathered during the Master Plan of Highways and Transitways and the Bicycle Master Plan to help inform the access portion of this plan).
  • Consider other concerns raised during the planning process (i.e. parking).

MARC Rail Communities Feedback Map

This application enables you to help guide the MARC Rail Communities Plan by making comments and suggestions about your area that we will use in developing recommendations for the Plan.

MARC Rail Feedback Map


  • July-September 2016 - Develop preliminary recommendations
  • September 2016 - Present recommendations to the community
  • October 2016 - Present Working Draft to the Planning Board
  • November-December 2016 - Planning Board Public Hearing and Work Sessions
  • January 2017 - Planning Board Draft Transmitted to Council

News and Events


    MARc Rail Meeting

Plan background

The MARC Brunswick line is a well-traveled commuter rail line connecting West Virginia to Washington, DC. The first four stations in Montgomery County are Dickerson, Barnesville, Boyds and Germantown. The Boyds and Germantown MARC Rail Stations are the focus of this Master Plan. Due in part to increases in population in the surrounding area, specifically in Clarksburg, Boyds has experienced greater transportation pressures in and around the intersection of Barnesville, Clarksburg and Clopper Roads. Additionally, the Montgomery County Parks Department is considering development of a local park immediately to the southeast of this intersection along Hoyles Mill Road.

The Boyds MARC station contains 15 parking spaces that are quickly filled. It is assumed that many commuters will typically drive to the next nearest MARC station to find a parking space. Finally, the comprehensive revision of the County’s Zoning Ordinance, enacted on October 30, 2014, allows the reevaluation of non-residential zones around the MARC stations and densities more compatible with rural and historic character.

In Germantown, a significant amount of new residential development has been proposed or approved, and constructed within one-half mile of the MARC station since the approval of the 2009 Sector Plan. Additionally, there are significant numbers of developments proposed in the Germantown area along the route of the future Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT) that will have an impact on the MARC station area. The Germantown MARC station has approximately 694 parking spaces, but typically these spaces fill up very early in the morning. It is anticipated that more commuters may use the MARC station if access conditions are improved.


Master Plans

Additional resources and maps are posted on the MARC Rail Communities Planning Library.

How you can participate and stay connected:

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Leslie Saville

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