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Mixed-use Study

In such a large and diverse suburb of Washington DC with a population of 1.05 million people. The County has dense urban central business districts like Bethesda and Silver Spring, large swathes of automobile-oriented suburbs built from the 1960’s to 1990’s, and a rural agricultural reserve that is 1/3 of the landmass of the County. In the last ten years, particularly, mixing uses has become an increasingly central component of real estate development in Montgomery County as growth shifts from green field to infill.

Mixed-use may take many forms, including vertical mixed-use (multiple uses within a single building) and horizontal mixed-use (multiple uses in separate structures on a single property). Within Montgomery County, mixed-use constructed in the past 15 years is primarily vertical mixed-use with retail on the ground floor and office or residential above. For the purpose of this study, MNCPPC is interested in vertical mixed-use within a single building.

MNCPPC has the following objectives for this study:

  • Improvement of MNCPPC’s data collection on mixed use properties;
  • Understanding of the characteristics of mixed-use properties in different parts of Montgomery County, as well as national trends in mixed-use relative to trends in the county;
  • Understanding what aspects of mixed-use are doing well in Montgomery County, what is not working as well, and why; and,
  • Recommended improvements to Montgomery County policies to enhance mixed use development.

View the RFQ and scope of work here

Last Updated: June 19, 2020