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LATR Kit for Applicants

Provided below is the LATR Scoping Form and a compilation of web links that directs users to resource tools and other supplemental information that support the application of the 2022 LATR Guidelines. Applicants and reviewers can use this information when scoping a multi-modal LATR transportation impact study.

Any applicant that has submitted a transportation impact study (TIS) work scope before August 30, 2021 and submits their TIS to Planning Department staff within 90 days of the approved scope, will be allowed to use the traffic counts collected under the Department’s interim COVID-19 traffic count policy most recently updated on October 1, 2020.

Local Area Transportation Review Scoping Form


LATR Proportionality Guide

Pedestrian System Adequacy

Bicycle System Adequacy

Bus Transit System Adequacy

  • Field observation of existing bus stop infrastructure
  • Coordinate a meeting with Wayne Miller of MCDOT to identify prioritized stop locations

Vision Zero Statement

Last Updated: June 28, 2022