Healthy and Sustainable Environment

Vision for Healthy and Sustainable Environment

In 2050, Montgomery County has a culture of sustainability embraced by residents, workers, businesses and government agencies. Living in complete communities, residents work, play and obtain most of their basic needs close to their homes. Biking, walking and public transit are the major modes of travel in urban areas and are common elsewhere. Reliance on cars is significantly reduced. Virtually all vehicles owned and operated in the county are zero emission vehicles. Using a compact form for all new growth, infill and redevelopment have resulted in complete communities and reduced the amount of impervious surface. Tree canopy and green areas exist in places where none did before, providing cleaner air and water and supporting and encouraging outdoor physical activity, thereby improving health for all residents. Climate change is factored into all land use and planning initiatives resulting in highly resilient and adaptive natural and built environments. The county pursues best practices and innovative technologies to absorb more greenhouse gases than it generates. Most buildings are net-zero energy buildings. All energy used in the county is 100% clean energy. Reuse, recycling and composting of food and yard waste results in very little municipal solid waste generation.

Montgomery County provides thriving, livable and healthy habitats for both humans and wildlife. Green resources and the many benefits they provide are distributed equitably throughout the county. Creative programs and public investments ensure that communities that once experienced deficits of these resources are just as cool, green and healthful as the rest of the county. Residents benefit from improved health outcomes no matter where they live. The county’s parks and open spaces provide or enable essential environmental benefits including tree canopy and shade; carbon dioxide pollution reduction; and clean water, air and wildlife habitat. Comprehensive watershed management and park stewardship efforts safeguard the health of our natural areas and improve water quality.

Read the draft Healthy and Sustainable Environment Goals, Policies and Actions presented to the Planning Board on June 11.

Watch the bilingual Healthy and Sustainable Environment Community Chat, held on June 23, and review the presentation.

Watch the Healthy Communities Community Chat, held on June 17.

Last Updated: July 10, 2020