Montgomery County Cemetery Inventory: Locational

Montgomery County Cemetery Inventory

Locational Index

Once you have located the cemetery alphabetically by city/town name on the below index, take note of the ID number assigned to the cemetery in the far left column, then follow the associated link to open the survey form as a PDF file.* Cemetery survey forms are grouped in numerical order by ID number in batches of roughly 25 (not all ID numbers are used). Simply scroll through the PDF file to the ID number and survey form that corresponds to the cemetery you are researching. View a PDF map of cemetery locations.*

When there is additional information available on the cemetery beyond what is included in the survey form, the inventory form will state “see file for more information.” You may ask to view these paper files in person by contacting the Montgomery County Historical Society by phone at 301-340-2825 or by email at

Due to the sensitive nature of Native American cemeteries, a separate database of these gravesites has been prepared but it is not available online. If you desire access to this information for research purposes, you may make a request for consideration with the Montgomery County Office of Archeology at 301-840-5848.

*Requires a PDF reader to view.

Montgomery County Cemeteries 



Cemetery Type



221 Ashton Religious Ashton Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery Between 205 & 233 Ashton Road
294 Ashton Family Boswell Family Cemetery 205 Ashton Road
17 Ashton Family Richardson Family Cemetery 18120 New Hampshire Avenue
86 Aspen Hill Religious Gate of Heaven Cemetery 13705 Georgia Avenue
162 Aspen Hill Private Aspen Hill Memorial Park 13630 Georgia Avenue
137 Barnesville Religious St. Mary’s Catholic Shrine Church Cemetery 18230 Barnesville Road
204 Barnesville Family Hayes Family Cemetery 22310 West Harris Road
203 Barnesville Religious Barnesville Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 18317 Barnesville Road
313 Barnesville vic. Family Poole-Sellman Family Cemetery
284 Barnesville vic. Family Plummer-Hays Family Cemetery Location unknown
62 Beallsville Family Awkard Family Cemetery West side of Beallsville Road, Big Woods Community
113 Beallsville Religious Mt. Zion Church Cemetery Gravel road to west of Beallsville Road
103 Beallsville Private Monocacy Cemetery Darnestown Road & West Hunter Road
286 Beallsville Family Hempstone Family Cemetery 19501 Darnestown Road
250 Bethesda Religious Concord Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery 7124 River Road
93 Bethesda Religious Hermon Presbyterian Church Cemetery 7801 Persimmon Tree Lane
67 Bethesda Religious Bethesda Meeting House Cemetery 9420 Wisconsin Avenue
282 Bethesda Family Posey Family Cemetery Goldsboro Road vicinity
11 Bethesda Family Shoemaker Family Cemetery Behind 4706 Bayard Boulevard
153 Bethesda Religious Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery 10200 Old Georgetown Road
69 Boyds Religious Boyds Presbyterian Church Cemetery 19900 block of White Ground Road
136 Boyds Religious St. Mark’s United Methodist Church Cemetery 19620 White Ground Road
185 Brighton Family Brown Family Cemetery 21030 New Hampshire Avenue
281 Brighton Religious Brighton Centennial Church
36 Brighton Family Holland Family Cemetery 1811 Brighton Dam Road
58 Brighton Family Brown (James) Family Cemetery 1107 Hawlings Road
133 Brighton Religious St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Cemetery 1001 Brighton Dam Road
154 Brinklow Community Woodside Cemetery East side of Haviland Mill Road, just past Brinkwood Road
289 Brookeville Family Green Family Cemetery Vicinity of 1201 Gold Mine Road
142 Brookeville Religious/Community Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery 19600 block of Georgia Avenue
247 Brookeville Slave Greenwood Slave Cemetery 21315 Georgia Avenue
34 Brookeville Family Jones (Gustavus) Family Cemetery 4112 Brookville Road
51 Brookeville Family Davis Family Cemetery 21315 Georgia Avenue
193 Brookeville Family Musgrove Family Cemetery One block northeast of Georgia Avenue & New Hampshire Avenue
14 Brookeville Family Riggs (Samuel) Family Cemetery 20501 Georgia Avenue on north side of Bordley Road
15 Brookeville Family Riggs (John Hammond) Cemetery 3415 Brookeville Road
177 Brookeville Family Owen Cemetery Across from 3901 Gregg Road
256 Browningsville Family Day Family Cemetery Bethesda Church Road
278 Browningsville Family Walker Family Cemetery 11801 Bethesda Church Road
68 Browningsville Religious Bethesda United Methodist Church Cemetery Across from church bldg at 11901 Bethesda Church Road
257 Browningsville Family Glaze Family Cemetery Bethesda Church Road
28 Burtonsville Family Merson Family Cemetery Southwest of intersection of Old Columbia Pike & Spencerville Road
290 Burtonsville Family Slave and Native American Cemetery Vicinity of Miles Road
148 Burtonsville Community Union Cemetery 3001 Spencerville Road
198 Burtonsville Family Soper Family Cemetery SE corner of Green Castle Road and Wexhall Drive
310 Burtonsville Slave Slave? Cemetery Vicinity of Airy Hill Road, east of Old Columbia Pike
55 Burtonsville Family Carr Family Cemetery 4348 Spencerville Road (Rte 198)
73 Burtonsville Religious Columbia Primative Baptist Church Cemetery 15900 Columbia Pike
57 Burtonsville Family Burton Family Cemetery 3720 Bell Road on right side of dead end
268 Burtonsville Family Ward Family Cemetery Across from 15601 Kruhm Road
226 Cabin John Religious Mt. Glory Baptist Church Cemetery Intersection of Clara Barton Parkway and MacArthur Blvd.
105 Cabin John Religious Gibson Grove AME Church Cemetery Behind house 7917 Cypress Grove Lane
159 Cabin John Family Burgess Family Cemetery SE corner of 75th Place and Arden Road
143 Cedar Grove Religious Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery 23725 Ridge Road
150 Cedar Grove Religious Upper Seneca Baptist Church Cemetery 23401 Davis Mill Road
19 Cedar Grove Family Purdum Family Cemetery Just west of 10615 Watkins Road
317 Cedar Grove Family Johnson Family Cemetery Off Piedmont Road between Clarksburg and Cedar Grove
316 Cedar Grove Family Watkins Family Cemetery Off Davis Mill Road
252 Chevy Chase Family Dunlop Family Cemetery 4101 Manor Road/4000 Jones Bridge Road
308 Chevy Chase Individual Jones, Walter Gravesite Unknown
241 Claggettsville Family Moxley (Ezekiel) Family Cemetery Next to 28721 Kemptown Road
104 Claggettsville Religious Montgomery UMC Church Cemetery 28201 Kemptown Road
292 Clarksburg Family Thompson Family Cemetery West side of Slidell Road just south of Comus Road
167 Clarksburg Family Clark Family Cemetery East of Kings Park off Clarksburg Road
99 Clarksburg Religious John Wesley United Methodist Church Cemetery 22420 Frederick Road
234 Clarksburg Religious Garden of Remembrance 14321 Comus Road
71 Clarksburg Religious Clarksburg Methodist Church Cemetery 23425 Spire Street
315 Clarksburg vic. Slave Unknown Slave Cemetery Near Frederick Road and Bone Mill Road
168 Clarksburg vic. Family Shaw Family Cemetery Across from 13520 West Old Baltimore Road
61 Claysville Family Allnutt-Ayton Family Cemetery Southeast of Laytonsville
41 Cloverly Family Harding Family Cemetery 900 Briggs Chaney Road
40 Cloverly Family Harding (Joseph) Family Cemetery 1300 Harding Lane
318 Colesville Family Shaw (Rezin) Family Cemetery Off New Hampshire Avenue
72 Colesville Community, religious Colesville Cemetery Across from church at 52 Randolph Road
163 Comus Religious Sugar Loaf Mountain Chapel Cemetery 24700 Old Hundred Road
39 Comus Family Hershey Family Cemetery 16500 Comus Road
22 Comus Family Pearre Family Cemetery Intersection of Barley Field Lane & Ryefield Ct. off Comus Rd.
4 Comus Family Welling Family Cemetery West side of Old Hundred Road between Comus and Barnesville
312 Comus vic. Family Wilson Family Cemetery
311 Comus vic. Slave Cecil Slave Cemetery Off Old Hundred Road
288 Comus vic. Family Keith Family Cemetery Off Comus Road
33 Damascus Family King (John Duckett) Family Cemetery 11411 Kingstead Road
188 Damascus Family Griffith (Lyde) Family Cemetery 7301 Damascus Road
182 Damascus Family Freeman, Carl Burial 4609 Damascus Road
237 Damascus Religious Brown Church Cemetery End of Brown Church Road
169 Damascus Family Duvall Family Cemetery Between 25137 and 25141 Woodfield School Road
75 Damascus Religious Damascus United Methodist Church Cemetery 9800 Main Street
85 Damascus Religious Friendship United Methodist Church Cemetery 27701 Ridge Road
109 Damascus Religious Mt. Lebanon M.P. Church Cemetery 8115 Damascus Road
266 Damascus Family Moxley Family Cemetery 28110 Kemptown Road
267 Damascus Slave Moxley Slave Cemetery 28110 Kemptown Road
2 Damascus vic. Family Young (Richard) Family Southeast of intersection of Cutsail Drive & Sweepstakes Road
240 Damascus vic. Family Burdett-Gue Family Cemetery 27100 Purdum Road
166 Damascus vic. Family Bowman (Rezin) Family Near intersection of Loghouse Road and Watkins Road
25 Darnestown Family Offutt (James) Family Cemetery 14625 Seneca Road
225 Darnestown Religious Darnestown Baptist Church Cemetery 15408 Spring Meadows Drive
125 Darnestown Religious Poplar Grove Baptist Church Cemetery 14265 Jones Lane
18 Darnestown Family Query Family Cemetery 13501 Esworthy Road
76 Darnestown Religious Darnestown Presbyterian Church Cemetery 15120 Turkey Foot Road
262 Darnestown Community Darnestown Cemetery Next to 14101 Darnestown Road (Food Lion)
56 Dawsonville Family Byrd Family Cemetery 16301 Sugarland Road
300 Dawsonville Family Dawson Family Cemetery Location unknown
26 Dawsonville Family Offutt (Andrew) Family Cemetery 15330 Darnestown Road
273 Derwood Family Robinson-Duley Family Cemetery 5908 Wild Flower Court
110 Dickerson Religious Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church Cemetery Just south of 22700 Mt. Ephraim Road
10 Dickerson Family Spencer Family Cemetery East of Big Woods Road
3 Ednor Family Wilson Family Cemetery 2201-B Ednor Road
38 Edward’s Ferry Family Hickman Family Cemetery West side of River Road about 1/4 mi north of Edwards Ferry Road
81 Emory Grove Religious Emory Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery 17820 Washington Grove Lane
80 Emory Grove Community Emory Grove Cemetery Next to 18100 Washington Grove Lane (Longview Elementary School)
299 Etchison Family Etchison Family Cemetery 6955 Annapolis Rock Road
144 Etchison Family/Community Seal Family Cemetery Between 5210 and 5520 Damascus Road
183 Etchison Family Etchison Family Cemetery 26010 Long Corner Road
209 Etchison Family Dorsey Family Burying Ground 5701 Damascus Road
112 Etchison Religious Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church Cemetery Across from 24020 Laytonsville Road (at Hipsley Mill Road)
194 Forest Glen Religious Pilgrim Baptist Church Cemetery Formerly on Brookeville Road
277 Forest Glen Family Unknown Family Cemetery In Rock Creek Park off Ireland Drive
45 Gaithersburg Family Gaither (Benjamin) Family Cemetery 20 Brookes Avenue
295 Gaithersburg Family Snyder Family Cemetery Location unknown
50 Gaithersburg Family DeSellem Family Cemetery 506 S. Frederick Avenue
296 Gaithersburg Family Claggett (William) Family Cemetery Location unknown
8 Gaithersburg Family Ward Family Cemetery Across from 14735 Botany Way
83 Gaithersburg Religious, Community Forest Oak Cemetery 300 block of N. Frederick Avenue
123 Gaithersburg Religious Pleasant View United Methodist Church Cemetery 11810 Darnestown Road near Ambiance Drive
280 Gaithersburg Family Selby Family Cemetery Vicinity of Shady Grove Road/Rockville Pike
49 Gaithersburg Family Dorsey (Joshua) Family Cemetery Associated with Trundle Farm on Goshen and Wightman Roads
246 Gaithersburg Family Briscoe Family Cemetery Vicinity of Firstfield Rd. & Bank Street
141 Gaithersburg Religious St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church Cemetery 11701 Clopper Road
44 Gaithersburg Family Garrett Family Cemetery 111 Englefield Drive
201 Gaithersburg Family Benson (William) Family Cemetery South of Clopper Rd near Visitors Center in Seneca Creek State Park
270 Gaithersburg Family Saffell Family Cemetery 651 Saybrooke Oaks Boulevard
87 Germantown Religious Germantown Baptist Church Cemetery 17640 Riffle Ford Road
255 Germantown Family Waters (Basil) Family Cemetery Beside 12509 Hawks Nest Lane
253 Germantown Family Crawford Family Cemetery 19212 Forest Brook Road
65 Germantown Religious Asbury United Methodist Church Cemetery 17540 Black Rock Road
117 Germantown Religious Neelsville Presbyterian Church Cemetery 20701 Frederick Road
27 Germantown Family Mobley-Magers-Arnold Cemetery Next to 18633 Village Fountain Drive
235 Germantown Religious All Souls Cemetery 11401 Brink Road
147 Germantown Religious Trinity United Methodist Church Cemetery NW corner of Clopper Road/Germantown Road intersection
260 Germantown Slave Magruder(?) Slave Cemetery 16820 Black Rock Road
219 Germantown Family Waters (Zachariah) Family Burying Ground In field across from 20938 Mountain Lake Terrace
43 Germantown Family Graff Family Cemetery 12811 Clopper Road
173 Germantown Slave Waters Brick House Cemetery 13000 block of Shadyside Lane
218 Goshen Family Robertson-Counselman Family Cemetery 9000 Brink Road
211 Goshen Family Jones Family Cemetery 9201 Brink Road
5 Goshen Family Waters (Washington) Family Cemetery 21600 Davis Mill Road
89 Goshen Religious Goshen Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery 8410 Brink Road
272 Goshen vic. Family Magruder? Family Cemetery 22529 Wildcat Road
276 Great Falls Community Washington Aqueduct Cemetery North side of MacArthur Blvd. at Great Falls entrance station to C&O Canal.
96 Hyattstown Religious Hyattstown United Methodist Church Cemetery 26165 Frederick Road
95 Hyattstown Religious Hyattstown Christian Church Cemetery 25625 Frederick Road
106 Hyattstown Religious Montgomery Chapel Cemetery 25200 Frederick Road, in woods south of Prescott Road
244 Jerusalem Family Brewer Family Cemetery 19000 Darnestown Road or 19124 Jerusalem Road
309 Kensington Individual Duvall, Mareen gravesite Unknown
60 Layhill Family Beall Family Cemetery Between 14121 and 14125 Beechvue Lane
158 Layhill Family Cashell Family Cemetery Formerly on lane behind Argyle Country Club
156 Layhill Family Kemp-Mullican Family Cemetery 13501 Layhill Road
206 Layhill Family Bready Family Cemetery Llewellyn Manor Way (off Norbeck Road at Layhill Road)
59 Layhill vic. Family Bonifant Family Cemetery Next to 14508 Pebblestone Drive
42 Laytonsville Family Griffith Family Cemetery 4920 Griffith Road
101 Laytonsville Religious, Community Laytonsville Methodist Cemetery 21720 Laytonsville Road
216 Laytonsville Family Riggs Family Cemetery Formerly in vicinity of 5815 Riggs Road
239 Laytonsville Family Griffith Family Cemetery 5501 Griffith Road
12 Laytonsville Family Shaw (Lemuel) Family Cemetery 7468 Rosewood Manor Lane (former location)
297 Laytonsville Civil War Civil War Burials Warfiled Road east of Woodfield Road, adjacent to golf course
6 Laytonsville Family Waters (Richard) Family On Hadley Farms Drive behind 7500 Elioak Terrace
176 Laytonsville Family Magruder Family Cemetery 21116 Golf Estates Drive
92 Laytonsville Religious Hawlings River Chapel of Ease Cemetery Across from 5600 Sundown Road
275 Laytonsville Slave Edgehill Slave Cemetery 4920 Griffith Road
274 Laytonsville Family Layton Family Cemetery 7000 Brink Road
238 Laytonsville Family Bowman-Merrick Family Cemetery 5515 Riggs Road
119 Laytonsville vic. Religious Oak Grove AME Zion Church Cemetery 20400 Zion Road
70 Laytonsville vic. Religious Brook Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery 7700 Brink Road
213 Lewisdale Family Warfield-Beall Family Cemetery 12635 Prices Distillery Road
212 Lewisdale Family King-Day Family Cemetery 12051 Prices Distillery Road
151 Martinsburg Religious Warren United Methodist Church Cemetery 19100 block of Martinsburg Road
243 Middlebrook Religious Seneca Congregation Cemetery Relocated
16 Middlebrook Family Ricketts Family Cemetery End of Rambling Road
35 Middlebrook Family Howes Family Cemetery In park – closest intersection is Middlebrook Road and Midcounty Highway
114 Mt. Zion Religious Mt. Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery 5000 Brookeville Road
118 Norbeck Private Norbeck Memorial Park 16225 Batchellors Forest Road
111 Norbeck Religious Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church Cemetery 4021 Muncaster Mill Road
132 Olney Religious St. John’s Episcopal Church Cemetery 3427 Olney-Laytonsville Road
7 Olney Family Waters Family Cemetery Behind 19020 Gold Mine Place
242 Olney Family Brooke Family Cemetery 18140 Laytonsville-Olney Road
254 Olney Family Bowie Family Cemetery Next to 18621 Olney Mill Road
265 Olney Family Unknown Family Cemetery Behind 18524 Viburnum Way
100 Olney Religious Judean Memorial Gardens 16225 Batchellors Forest Road
79 Poolesville Religious Elijah United Methodist Church Cemetery 18401 Elgin Road
52 Poolesville Family Darnall Family Cemetery 17615 Whites Ferry Road
1 Poolesville Family Young-Remsburg Family Cemetery Vicinity of southwest corner of Whites Ferry & Edwards Ferry Roads
47 Poolesville Family Fletchall Family Cemetery 14510 Mt. Nebo Road (location of stones)
63 Poolesville Family Aud Family Cemetery West of Willard Road between Westerly and Offutt Roads
303 Poolesville Family Chiswell Family Cemetery 18200 Beallsville Road
124 Poolesville Religious Poolesville Methodist Church Cemetery On W. Willard Road at SE corner of Fisher Avenue
245 Poolesville Family Chilton-Dyer Family Cemetery 23315 Whites Ferry Road
220 Poolesville Family Wood Family Cemetery Just north of 16039 Partnership Road on west side
210 Poolesville Family Hoskinson Family Cemetery Edward’s Ferry Road
207 Poolesville Family Cissel-Trundle Family Cemetery Whites Ferry Road
314 Poolesville vic. Family Williams Family Cemetery
97 Poolesville/Jerusalem Religious Jerusalem Baptist Church Cemetery (old) Across from 19505 Jerusalem Church Terrace
98 Poolesville/Jerusalem Religious Jerusalem Baptist Church Cemetery (new) 19215 Jerusalem Road
178 Potomac Community Tobytown Cemetery 12649 Tobytown Drive
130 Potomac Religious St. Gabriel’s Roman Catholic Church Cemetery Between 10704 and 10708 Alloway Road
149 Potomac Religious Wesley Union Methodist Church Cemetery Across from 11940 Piney Meeting House Road
126 Potomac Religious Potomac United Methodist Church Cemetery 10300 Falls Road
122 Purdum Religious Pleasant Grove Community Church Cemetery 11225 Mountain View Road
115 Purdum Religious Mountain View United Methodist Church Cemetery 11501 Mountain View Road
261 Redland Family Case-Kemp Family Cemetery North side of Muncaster Mill Road between Millcrest and Shady Grove Road
54 Redland Family Cooke Family Cemetery 7400 Air Park Road
9 Rockville Family Lytton Family Cemetery Behind 502 Linthicum Street
139 Rockville Religious St. Mary’s Catholic Church Cemetery (old) 520 Veirs Mill Road
196 Rockville Public Montgomery County Poor Farm Cemetery On east side of Monroe Street, just south of Waddington Lane
138 Rockville Religious St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery (new) Baltimore Road near Gladstone Drive
233 Rockville Family Smith Family Cemetery Old Avery Road (abandoned)
30 Rockville Family Magruder (Robert Pottinger) Family Cemetery Formerly at 19000 Muncaster Road
134 Rockville Religious St. Luke’s Lutheran Church Cemetery Between 16601 & 16605 Briardale Road
53 Rockville Family Crabb Family Cemetery Northeast corner of Derwood Road & Indianola Drive
279 Rockville Family Ball Family Cemetery 11807 Dinwiddie Drive (current location of stones)
37 Rockville Family Higgins Family Cemetery Arundel Avenue
259 Rockville Family Anderson Family Cemetery College Gardens subdivision, formerly the Anderson farm
20 Rockville Family Prather Family Cemetery 50100 Meadowside Lane
269 Rockville Family Shelton-Smith Family Cemetery 305 Frederick Avenue
102 Rockville Private Lincoln Park Cemetery Dover Road, Lincoln Avenue & North Horner’s Lane intersection
249 Rockville Family Martin Family Cemetery 212 Mason Drive (at end of Mason)
264 Rockville Religious Scotland AMEZ Church Cemetery 10902 Seven Locks Road
306 Rockville Slave Beall Slave Cemetery Vicinity of NW corner of Van Buren Street and Beall Avenue
24 Rockville Family Owen Family Cemetery 17200 Cashell Road
91 Rockville Private Haiti Cemetery Behind 516 Bickford Avenue (last house on left)
121 Rockville Private Parklawn Memorial Park and Menorah Gardens 12800 Veirs Mill Road
302 Rockville Family Wootten Family Cemetery Formerly in vicinity of Dundee Road and Balmoral Drive
82 Rockville Religious Flower Hill Church of the Brethren Cemetery 7412 Muncaster Mill Road
128 Rockville Religious Rockville Baptist Cemetery W. Jefferson Street at intersection of Route 28 & Van Buren Street
127 Rockville Private Rockville Cemetery 1351 Old Baltimore Road (entrance at Avery Road)
77 Rockville (Derwood) Community Derwood Cemetery Across from 7820 Yellowstone Way
66 Sandy Spring Community Ash Memorial Cemetery 18700 block Chandlee Mill Road
84 Sandy Spring Religious Sandy Spring Friends Meeting House Cemetery On Meeting House Road south of 108
116 Sandy Spring vic. Religious Mutual Memorial Cemetery 18291 Brooke Road
305 Scotland Community, Slave? Scotland Cemetery Vicinity of Seven Locks Rd/Tuckerman Lane/Coddle Harbor Lane – NE side
271 Seneca Family Clipper Family Cemetery Between River Road and the C&O Canal, just west of Partnership Road
21 Seneca Family Peter Family Cemetery 16801 River Road
145 Seneca Religious Seneca Christian Meth. Epis. Church Cemetery Behind 13215 Violettes Lock Road
135 Silver Spring Religious St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Cemetery 12621 Old Columbia Pike
88 Silver Spring Religious Good Hope Union United Methodist Church Cemetery 14625 Good Hope Road
120 Silver Spring Religious Layhill ME Church South Cemetery 14500 Layhill Road
251 Silver Spring Family Beckwith Family Cemetery SE corner of Randolph Rd/Old Columbia Pike intersection
146 Silver Spring Religious Sitka Baptist Church Cemetery Between 1923 and 1929 Powder Mill Road
131 Silver Spring Religious St. John’s Catholic Church Cemetery 9700 Rosensteel Avenue
90 Silver Spring Religious Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery 1607 Grace Church Road
155 Spencerville Family Alloway-Miller Cemetery Cemetery 16301 New Hampshire Avenue (on horse center property)
129 Spencerville Religious Round Oak Baptist Church Cemetery 15812 Good Hope Road
107 Spencerville Religious Mt. Calvary A.U.M.P. Church Cemetery 16400 Batson Road
248 Spencerville Family Unknown Family Cemetery Across from 16425 Batson Road
140 Sugarland Religious St. Paul Community Church Cemetery 14730 Sugarland Road
184 Sunshine Family Gartrell Family Cemetery Vicinity of 21420-21428 Denit Estates Drive
307 Sunshine Family Griffith Family Cemetery 21205 Denit Estates Drive (formerly 21440 New Hampshire Ave)
108 Sunshine Religious Mt. Patuxent Cemetery Mt. Carmel Cemetery Road off Georgia Avenue
304 Sunshine Family Gaither Family Cemetery 3111 Mount Carmel Cemetery Road
263 Sunshine Slave Slave Cemetery End of Denit Estates Drive
208 Takoma Park Family Cecil-Davis Family Cemetery 7911 Greenwood Avenue
175 Triadelphia Community Triadelphia Cemetery South side of Triadelphia Lake Road near WSSC parking lot #2
46 Unity Family Gaither Family Cemetery 4615 Sundown Road
94 Unity Religious Howard Chapel Cemetery Corner of Howard Chapel Road & Elton Farm Road
174 Unity vic. Family Howard Family Cemetery West side of Elton Farm Road, 1-1.5 miles north & west of end of road
231 Wheaton Family Lee Family Cemetery vicinity of Stonington Road
258 Wheaton Family Carmack Family Cemetery 2021 or 2115 University Boulevard
64 Wheaton Religious Allen Chapel AME Church Cemetery End of Dodson Lane
157 White Oak Family Hopkins Family Cemetery End of Baritone Court off Sonata Way
152 Woodfield Religious Wesley Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery 23640 Woodfield Road
Last Updated: November 20, 2019