Montgomery County Cemetery Inventory Instructions


You may locate cemetery survey data in one of two ways: (1) by using the alphabetical index by cemetery name or (2) by using the locational index by town. You may view a PDF map of cemetery locations here.

Once you have located the cemetery on one of the two indexes below, take note of the ID number assigned to the cemetery in the far left column, then follow that link to open the survey forms as a PDF file. Cemetery survey forms are grouped in numerical order by ID number in batches of roughly 25 (not all ID numbers are used). Simply scroll through the downloaded PDF file to the ID number and survey form that corresponds to the cemetery you are researching.

When there is additional information available on the cemetery beyond what is included in the survey form, the inventory form will state “see file for more information.” You may ask to view these paper files in person by contacting the Montgomery County Historical Society by phone at 301-340-2825 or by email at

Due to the sensitive nature of Native American cemeteries, a separate database of these gravesites has been prepared but it is not available online. If you desire access to this information for research purposes, you may make a request for consideration with the Montgomery County Office of Archeology at 301-840-5848.

Last Updated: October 22, 2019