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Makeover Montgomery 5

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The Makeover Montgomery 5 conference took place September 22-24, 2022, with a focus on seeking regional ideas to help Montgomery County thrive. Sessions were organized into four themes under the general topic of resilience:

  • Economic resilience
  • Neighborhood and social resilience
  • Environmental, climate, and infrastructure-resilience
  • Public health resilience

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Graphic recording of MM5. What does a resilient Montgomery County look like to you? The top destination to move to, Anti-racist, heat island mitigation-where are the trees?, local small businesses, mixed-use areas, community-based services, walkable neighborhoods, planned with cultural awareness and sensitivity many transit choices, environmental sanctuary, solar powered electric buses, make the ag reserve useful for local food to its best capacity, adapting to development challenges, plenty of affordable housing, Equity, more housing options for the diverse population, gathering spaces for socialization in all neighborhoods, adoption of TVs, community


Last Updated: September 30, 2022