Mandatory Referrals

Montgomery College Silver Spring campus

Montgomery College Silver Spring campus

Government agencies planning construction projects located in Montgomery County–including schools–must refer their plans to the Planning Board for Mandatory Referral review. Because the Planning Board’s decision and recommendations are advisory only, an applicant may overrule the Planning Board’s disapproval and proceed with the proposed project.

According to State law (Md. LAND USE Code Ann. § 20-301 through 305), all federal, state and local governments and public utilities are required to submit proposed projects (i.e., roadway improvements, schools, public buildings, fire and police stations and others) in Montgomery County for a Mandatory Referral review and recommended approval by the Montgomery County Planning Board. The Planning Board must also review the widening, extension, relocation, narrowing, abandonment or change of use of any road, park or public way and the acquisition or sale of any land by any public board, body or official.

Staff advises the applicant to seek community input before formally submitting the project for Mandatory Referral review. Staff may recommend that the applicant send appropriate and timely public notice to adjacent and adjoining property owners. After analyzing the project and consulting with the applicant and the community, staff determines and advises the applicant of the type of review needed. Staff members also help in the process as needed, including establishing review standards.

You can find more information about Mandatory Referrals in our Uniform Standards for Mandatory Referral Review [PDF].



Last Updated: October 24, 2017