Transitway Right-of-Way

Montgomery County currently has four master-planned transitways: Purple Line, Corridor Cities Transitway, Georgia Avenue Busway, and the North Bethesda Transitway. As part of the development review process, the Montgomery County Planning Board requires developers to set aside property required for a transitway as a dedication, easement, or reservation. These tools provide varying levels of protection for a transitway, to ensure that the land is available when the County is ready to construct the transitway.

  • Dedication: Donation of land to a public agency for parkland, school sites, road and transit rights-of-way, etc., in connection with the development of a subdivision or lot.
  • Easement: A contractual agreement to gain temporary or permanent use of, and/or access through, a property. Permanent easements should be shown on a subdivision record plat.
  • Reservation: A condition of approval limiting land development for a maximum of three years. During this period the County has the option to purchase the land fee simple.

Find transitway right-of-way

Transportation planners have mapped the dedications, easements, and reservations across Montgomery County. Launch the interactive map to find the transitway right-of-way.


Last Updated: March 8, 2018