Countywide Bikeways Functional Master Plan

Countywide Bikeways Functional Master Plan

Approved by the Montgomery County Council February 1, 2005 and adopted by M-NCPPC March 16, 2005.


Council Resolution 15-880
M-NCPPC Resolution
Chapter 1: Plan Foundation
Chapter 2: Countywide Bikeway Network Concept Plan
Chapter 3: Bikeway Facility Design Guidelines
Chapter 4: Implementation

Maps of Countywide Bikeways [PDF]

Council Resolution 15-880 [PDF]

Resolution [PDF]

Details of Publication [PDF]
About the MNCPPC
About County and MNCPPC Officials
Notice to Reader
The Master Plan Process
Table of Contents
List of Figures and Tables
Glossary of Terms

Executive Summary [PDF]

Chapter 1 – Plan Foundation [PDF]
Why Bicycling?
Plan Scope
Comprehensive Approach
Plan Purposes
Plan Goals and Objectives
Guiding Principles
What This Plan Is and What This Plan Is Not
Types of Bicyclists
Benefits of a Comprehensive Bikeway Network
Existing Conditions
Existing County Bikeway System
Multimodal Travel
Bicycle Parking
The Planning Process

Chapter 2: Countywide Bikeway Network Concept Plan [PDF] (pdf)
Bikeway Types and Desirable Applications
Other Bikeway-Related Facilities
Relationship Between Countywide and Local/Neighborhood Bikeways
Relationship to Countywide Park Trails Plan
Activity Center Analysis
Guidance to Local Plans
Countywide Bikeways
Countywide Bikeway Numbering System
Complex Routes
Table 2-1, Bikeway Types and Applications [PDF] (pdf)
Table 2-2, Countywide Bikeways by Planning Area [PDF] (pdf)

Chapter 3: Bikeway Facility Design Guidelines [PDF] (pdf)
Purpose of Bikeway Design Guidelines
Goals of Bikeway Design Guidelines
Relation to County’s Road Code
The Design Bicyclist
Types of Bikeways
Shared use paths (class I bikeways)
Bike Lanes (Class II bikeways)
Signed Shared Roadways (Class III bikeways)

Chapter 4: Implementation [PDF] (pdf)
Plan Policies Regarding Bicycle Facilities
Bikeways Connecting to Transit
Bikeways Connecting to Muncipalities, Central Business Districts and Town Centers
Bikeways Connecting to Other Employment Centers
Bikeways Connecting to Major County Park Trail Corridors
On-going Implementation – Local/Neighborhood Bike Routes
Funding for Bikeways
Understanding Bikeway Implementation
Funding for bicycle parking
Funding for Bikeway Maintenance

Appendices [PDF] (pdf)

  1. Related Policies and Programs
  2. Bikeway-Related Recommendations, 1998 Countywide Park Trails Plan
  3. Innovative Bikeway Designs
  4. Bicycle Parking at Metrorail and MARC Stations
  5. SHA Guidelines for Accommodating Bicycles and Pedestrians on State Highways
  6. MNCPPC Pedestrian Impact Statement for Land Development Projects
  7. Technical Advisory Group

Staff Acknowledgements [PDF] (pdf)

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