Bicycle Demand Map

As the number of people using bicycles for travel in the Washington, D.C. region continues to rise, Montgomery County planners have created a map that depicts demand for bicycle transportation.

In July 2011, transportation planners drafted the map to help the Planning Board and other policy-makers prioritize where to invest in bicycle routes and support facilities. Called a bicycle heat map, the tool predicts where demand for bike commuting, errands, or other non-recreation trips is greatest. Greater clusters of homes and jobs, proximity to transit, schools, and other community facilities, and connections between activity centers, all lead to greater bicycling demand.

Bicycle Heat Map Montgomery County
Click for larger view, or click here to download the full PDF map (2.6MB)

The map shows areas of greatest demand in bright red, with tones stepping down to yellow, then white as demand decreases. The map also shows the location of all Metro stops and MARC stations. Based on the methodology used to create the map, the areas with the greatest transportation demand for bicycling include Bethesda/Friendship Heights and Silver Spring. A second tier of high demand areas includes Rockville, White Flint (Rockville Pike corridor) and Wheaton. While implementing the Master Plan of Bikeways in these areas tends to be costly, these routes also attract the most cyclists.

The County has plans to build a network of bikeways, including nearly 400 miles of shared use paths and over 150 miles of bike lanes. Currently, the County has built around one-third of the shared use paths and one-fifth of the bike lanes.

Last Updated: October 4, 2016